Monday, December 31, 2018

[REVIEW] Ainaa Cleanser & Serum

I know I rarely talk about local products, but when I do, its worth the shout out! Today I'll be sharing with you a recent discovery, featuring Ainaa Cleanser and Ainaa Serum as they've been getting pretty good feedbacks from Malaysians who are suffering from serious acne problems. Somehow on my social media, I see Malaysians talking about how good Ainaa Cleanser and Serum has been, and I've been so eager to try it out myself! Been going through really bad breakouts over the past few weeks before the wedding day and finally, i have some time to pamper myself by giving my skin a little more attention. In today's blog post, I'll be sharing with you a review on Ainaa Cleanser and Ainaa Serum after about 3 weeks of using it. 


Let's take a moment to appreciate the packaging first, shall we? It comes in a white box with shiny gold borders and I always appreciate packages that include the list of ingredients, the benefits, and the directions on how to use. Im also proud to say that it's a Malaysian product as it states that its "Made in Malaysia". They are also KKM Registered making it a safe product to use approved by the health organization of Malaysia. And it also has an expiry date listed on the box too! I always like expiry dates on skincare products so that I know when to use them by. hehe.


Going straight into details, let's talk about the Ainaa Cleanser 2 in 1 purifying cleansing gel. Despite being a cleanser that also removes makeup, I would not recommend you to skip your daily make up remover routine, but its always good to have a cleanser that removes makeup residue from your skin. The cleanser is formulated with balance pH levels and is free from harmful chemicals giving it extra bonus points! It also comes in a really unique pump bottle which also ensures that the content is not exposed to keep the content fresh. 

Moving on to the texture, the gel is transparent, and when in contact with water, it does not foam up as much possibly because its paraben free. I don't fancy gel cleanser as much, but I find the Ainaa Cleanser pretty impressive when it comes to cleansing. After rinsing the gel off my face, somehow my skin feels refreshed, cleansed and most importantly, it also feels moisturized! Did you know that gel cleansers are well know to eliminate oily surfaces and acne causing bacteria by giving the skin a deeper cleanse? So if your concerns are deep stubborn acne, this cleanser might just do the trick to unclogged clogged pores.

It comes in a 50ml pump bottle and I would say that its good enough to last you for about a month. Each Ainaa Cleanser would cost you RM45 (West Malaysia) and RM49 (East Malaysia) which is a fair price considering that it works! After using this for 3 weeks, I noticed that my skin looks bouncier and when it comes to maintenance, it's pretty easy to maintain my skin with the Ainaa Cleanser. No breakouts and it cleanses without drying my skin. YAY! 


Next would be the Ainaa Serum which apparently is the highlight of their skincare range according to many Malaysian that I see on social media. Other than giving your skin nutrients that it needs, it also encourages new cell growth which also means that it would help your skin recover in a shorter period of time. Formulated with selected hydrating ingredients, it has been specialized to eliminate acne while keeping the skin moisturized. It also claims to remove dark pigmentation spots, but as of now, I don't see much difference targetting my pigmentation. On a side note, it does make my face noticeably brighter and younger, and I have no complaints. Hehe.

The texture for the serum is almost similar to the Ainaa Cleanser, but when applied to the skin, it feels a little rough and sticky to glide onto the skin. Not a huge fan of the texture, but it sets the skin pretty well without the need of primer before applying to make up. Hehe. I had a specific acne infected area on my face, and after 3 weeks of using this, my acne is gone (except for very slight marks which would disappear in time). It's no wonder that Malaysians are going crazy over the serum. 

The serum comes in a 15ml pump bottle and honestly speaking, I use this on alternate days in which I will use another serum on one day, and then the Ainaa Serum on the following day. Its a little small in packaging, but for something that works, I find it precious. Each Ainaa Serum would cost you RM65 (West Malaysia) and RM69 (East Malaysia). A little on the higher side, but you want a serum that helps to reduce your acne without drying out the skin, this is worth the shot. Tried and tested, and I can say that it works like a charm


As a verdict, I would have to say that the combination works well together on my combination skin and for RM110 for the Ainaa Cleanser and Ainaa Serum, it's a fair amount to pay for considering that it works. The extra points that make the Ainaa Skincare range special are that its 100% paraben free, sulfate-free and mineral oil free which guarantees that it does not harm the skin. My experience after using this for 3 weeks has been pleasant since I experienced no breakouts, my previous breakouts recovered and I got my skin to be smooth again! Im just happy that my skin is smoother now, and i would definitely recommend you to try this for yourself! Im not at all bias to the brand, but as long as it does what its suppose to do, Sara approves. (inserts thumbs up here) 



  1. Good to know that it is paraben free which means it will be more gentle to our skin especially female skin since it is more delicate

  2. suka cleanser dan serum ainaa ni. Wangi je. Then boleh rasa kulit muka segar dan nampak sekata

  3. ada tgk product ainaa kt ig ownernya...nmpk die share psl cleanser and serum....skarang ni byk product skincare kt pasaran...tgk yg sesuai dgn skin kita kn..tq for sharing your experience guna producr ainna cleanser and serum ni

  4. Tgk packing, white box dgn gold colour menarik perhatian saya. Belum baca review lagi tu....

    Lepas ni kalau cari cleanser n serum utk my wife, boleh la saya consider this product

  5. Amboi should be more beautiful and brilliant new bride seems to use this new and quality product hehehe fortunately the husband can be a smart wife of this hehehehe ...

  6. Semakin cantik..kak ucapkan selamat pengantin baru,nasib baik ada produk Ainaa,kak lg suka klu pakai serum sbb kulit wajah kita akan jd you..lama xjpa😍😍

  7. Dah baca banyak review tentang ainaa. .Memang menarik. .Dua produk ni shaaj dah boleh buat kulit jadi cantiik. .Suka clenser dia yang boleh cuci makeup tu. .Nice sangat. .Senang nak cantik sekarang

  8. the packaging looks simple but elegant! seems like some bloggers posted about it. glad that you love it and hopefully i get to try it someday too!

    How to deal with markets ups and downs?

  9. The Face Shop tetap di hati saya.

  10. i love the minimalis packaging....this cleanser seem effective too...ill love to try it out one day..

  11. kenapa saya pakai muka jadi tumbuh biji-biji kecil pastu gatal skit. tapi skrang tgah teruskn pakai. sbab ada yg ckp kulit kita tgah nak kenal dgan produk tu. betul ke?

    1. Hi sis! memang kalau baru tukar skincare biji-biji akan tumbuh sbb dia baru cuci surface kulit. Lepas guna dalam seminggu, insyallah biji tu hilang. selalunya macam tu la.

  12. Hi sis! memang kalau baru tukar skincare biji-biji akan tumbuh sbb dia baru cuci surface kulit. Lepas guna dalam seminggu, insyallah biji tu hilang. selalunya macam tu la.