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[FOOD REVIEW] Anggun Chef Portable Cafe @ MITEC

Anggun Chef @ MITEC
Hey guys! Being Malaysian, I always love to hunt for good places that serve delicious localized food with a slight twist of fusion. Thus, in today's blog post, I'll be sharing with you a secret hideout within Klang Valley called the Anggun Chef Cafe (Portable). You must be wondering why portable? Well, its because its owned by local entrepreneurs, and basically they cater to caterings, food events, food truck events and especially when there's an event at MITEC, it's when their cafe is always filled with expats and visitors! Since I managed to pay them a visit, I decided to find out why.

Strawberry Fizz Soda
Before I get into details, Anggun Chef Portable Cafe is located just on the ground floor, nearest from the South Entrance which is roughly opposite hall 4 within the building. On a first impression of the portable cafe, it looks very light and the seats are basically located in the open space of MITEC,  but since its indoors, it's still comfortably surrounded with air-conditioning and what matters to me more about this was the menu that they had to offer.


Now going into the menu, they offer a variety of options ranging from starters, burgers, sandwiches, western, made to order dishes, local food, and even vegetarian dishes. With so many options in the menu, lucky enough I went with a few of my friends who were equally as excited to try out the food that they have to offer. Not to forget if youre more of a coffee person, they actually serve coffee by using their very own coffee picks which are coffee beans that are imported in from overseas. Talk about having a taste of another continent ey? But of course, if you're not a coffee person, there is always an option for non-coffee based drinks as well.


Cheesy goodness Chicken Parmigiana
First up would be something from their western menu which is the Chicken Parmigiana served with french fries. Now, this is a must-have if youre a fan of cheese! It's actually breaded chicken cutlet that has been fried and topped with melted mozzarella cheese which tasted delightfully sinful! What I had to highlight on this dish was that despite the chicken being fried, the chicken was still tender and juicy. Just the way I like it.


Vegetarian friendly
Next would be the Fresh Veggies Sandwich with Pesto Sauce for those who are light eaters. To be honest, I actually enjoyed the sandwich despite it being very much vegetarian. It came in shredded green coral veggies, with sliced tomatoes, served with vege balls covered in pesto sauce. If youre on a vegan diet, this tasted very convincing since the sauce was very much flavourful.


One of Anggun Chef's Signature, Rendang Peanut Butter Burger
To be honest, I was super excited when I saw this on the menu. It may look like a burger, but its really Rendang Peanut Beef Burger by Anggun Chef. Like holy guacamole, who would have ever thought that rendang and peanut butter would be the perfect match? Anggun chef of course and after getting a bite of it, I couldn't agree more! It was actually pretty good, and just talking about it makes me want more. Honestly, other than the title, this is really worth a try if you love rendang and peanut butter. It's like a match made in heaven.


One of my particular favourite!
Another show stealer would be this Asam Pedas Lamb Grill served with fries. If youre Malaysian, and you love our Malaysian Asam Pedas that is usually served with fish, well Anggun Chef Cafe has a different way for you to enjoy the same Asam Pedas flavor that we all love, but with a twist of lamb. You may think this to be a little odd but I would say that its actually pretty good. Way better than having lamb with the typical black pepper or mushroom sauce. You're missing out if you haven't tried Lamb with Asam Pedas. Yums.


For seafood lovers, it tasted good!
This is another signature dish by Anggun Chef, which is the Chilli Clam Spaghetti. I believe the signature part of it would be the chili sauce they use instead of the typical tomato based sauce. Despite being the word chili in it, it's actually not spicy at all. It had spices that would tingle your tongue with flavors, to complement the clam spaghetti that you'll indulge. Im not a fan of pasta usually, but this was pretty good as well.


Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside
Now, this is a little exciting to explain since it was rather surprising to me. The Deep Fry Chicken Chop With Black Pepper Sauce is actually very much juicy. Surprised? Hehe. Well, usually if I had a choice of grilled or fried, I would choose grill any day. But just to clarify my thoughts on this, I would actually re-order this if im in the mood for deeply fried chicken chop. It was crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, it was pretty much done to perfection!


Friday's special nasi minyak
And last but not least would be their Nasi Minyak specials. Let me highlight to you that this is only available on every Friday, so if youre interested in trying this, be sure that it's a Friday to avoid disappointments. I honestly loved the flavors for this since the quality of rice tasted really good, and not to forget the sides that came with it, the beef rendang and the acar (pickled vegetable). A good combination and I loved the main dish that came with it.


Steamed fruit cake with ice cream
But of course, how can we forget about desserts? The specialty dessert that they have at their cafe would be their Steamed Fruit Cake served with Ice Cream. I was told that this is freshly made daily to maintain its quality and after getting a bite of it, I can pretty much tell that it tested very much like its handmade with love. Usually, I find fruit cakes a little too sweet, but since they served the fruit cake with ice cream, it had a very interesting combination of flavors. Any fruit cake lover would have to try this!


One small tummy for 4 dishes at one go. It was too good to resist
And there you have it! That's basically what I managed to indulge during my visit and to conclude my visit, I have to share with you that the food tasted spectacular! I am aware that presentation wise, it's not very attractive, but since its a portable cafe, it's genuinely meant to be more of an on-the-go concept. If youre looking for a more lifestyle ambiance, surprise! Anggun Cafe will be opening their first lifestyle cafe coming up at MITEC sometime in July so that you'll have something to look forward to. With that, i can assure to you that they are growing and ever ready to prepare food that you and your tummy would love. Be sure to check them out!

Anggun Chef Portable Cafe 
Location: MITEC's South Entrance | Opposite Hall 4

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