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[REVIEW] Living & Pace Sun Block and Marine Algae Cream

Introducing Living & Pace's The Summer Daily Sun Defence and The Ocean Marine Algae Cream
Hey guys! Lately, I've been leaning towards skincare and products that are inspired by nature. Out with the chemicals and in with whatever that is sourced and harvested from nature as I believe that natural ingredients have its natural healing properties. And since I stumbled upon a new brand called Living & Pace, a Malaysian based product that is focused on creating affordable and effective skincare products that work, i was immediately all eyes on their Summer Daily Sun Defence SPF 50+++ and their Ocean Marine Algae Cream to combat the heat wave that Malaysians are trying to survive through. Which leads us to a little review of what I think about it after using it for about a week now.

Packaging details
Living in a fast-paced live running around chasing for events, and juggling the workload at work, I tend to find it challenging to really sort out my skin routine that suits my everyday routine of either being exposed to the air-conditioning environment to running around under the hot sun. Thus, leading me to include their Summer Daily Sun Defence SPF 50+++ and their Ocean Marine Algae Cream which I thought would be a cute combo of the Sun and the Sea.


The Summer Daily Defence SPF 50+++
Comes in a pump bottle
Jumping into details, I've been off sunblock for about 3 weeks before I found The Summer Daily Sun Defence SPF 50+++ and I was feeling a little adventurous this time around to try out sunblocks that are out of the usuals that I usually purchase. This has been one of my best purchase yet as I was so surprised that the sunblock for this came in a glass pump bottle containing 30ml of sunblock cream that I believe would roughly last for about a month.

1-2 pumps is all you need
Very much spreadable when spread across the skin
Upon testing out the texture, I was pretty impressed that the texture felt very light on the skin. It has this waterbased like texture when its in contact with your skin which eventually sinks in and leaves your skin protected with a lightweight layer of sunblock. It doesn't have that strong sunblock fragrance which was an extreme plus point for me and its suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It also has a GMP certified stamp which guarantees that it was manufactured under quality standards which left me in no regrets on getting this to protect my skin from harsh UV rays.

1-2 pumps and youre good to go!
To use, I usually use 2-3 pumps to apply it all over my face and neck which is sufficient to protect my skin from the sun. It may look like a small portion when you pump it out, but you'd be surprised at how spreadable the sunblock is. Usually, this goes on after applying my toner, serum, and moisturizer, only then I apply the sunblock, followed by my makeup routine to perfect the look for the day.


The Ocean Marina Algae Cream
Creamy ransparent texture
Next would be a little something that I triggered me when I saw the word 'Algae' on the products name. I've been reading a lot on benefits of algae for the skin, and trust me, the benefits are almost endless! The Ocean Marine Algae Cream provides intensive hydration with marine algae moisturizing extracts that improve the skin condition with vitamins that would enhance the skins protective system and suppleness while you sleep. So instead of using this as a daily cream, it's actually a cream specified for you to use at night.

Before application
Applying cream with a spatula
Testing skin moisture level after 5 minutes of application
Again, this too comes in a 50ml glass tub which adds into that luxurious feel of it and as you open the cap, you'll find that the tub has a double cap to ensure that the content is well kept in the jar. I would advise you to use this with a spatula to avoid the whole tub from being contaminated. I did a swatch test to determine how well it would improve my skin's moisture level, and the results are pretty impressive. The only downside of this would possibly be that the scent of the algae may be a little strong, but if it's natural and nutritious for the skin, I really have no reason to complain.

The texture was a combination of creamy and waterbased
I have been personally using this twice a week, and I love waking up to glowy skin the next day after applying a layer of The Ocean Marine Algae Cream overnight. One experience I'd like to share is that I was experiencing huge pores on my face since I was out in the sun the other day, then I decided to try the cream on my face, and guess what? I noticed that my pores were visibly smaller the next day. I guess the fact that algae are pretty popular to cooling the skin, that really helps a lot on reducing my open pores.

Soft supple skin
As a verdict, despite the brand being new and Malaysia, i would have to say that their products were very well thought of and I would definitely recommend this for you guys to try, If youre looking for an alternative to natural skincare, Living & Pace is 100% here for you to care for your skin. It has no alcohol, artificial pigments and fragrances making it pretty much natural than other skincare products in the market. All their products are GMP certified and it all comes with an expiry date for each product to reassure you on the effectiveness of the product. Well, that's all for now and if you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a comment below.

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