Sunday, March 31, 2019

PETPET Newly Improved design | 10 hours of Baby Fresh Touch

I present to you, PETPET's Newly Improved Design
With the baby being on the way, i was one of the lucky few to attend the launch of PETPET's new revolutionary diaper design that protects and keeps your baby happy and comfortable for hours in a day. I mean, when you think babies (for begginers), you'll think about diapers. The first few things that pop in your head are always about how much you would spend on diapers? I got some advise from my parents asking them what diaper brand i used when i was younger, and they were more than happy to share with me that they got PETPET for me.

Hours & Hours of guranteed joy with PETPET
Today being lucky enough to be expecting with a little bundle of joy, i just had to take this opportunity to get hands on on PETPET's improved diaper to further understand on how important it is to ensure that the little one stays dry and snug without feeling wet, sticky and uncomfortable. And having this motherly insticts at 4 months, i have to say i'd only want the best for my baby that is reliable and affordable.

We also had ambassador Dahlia Shazwan present at the launch too!
In making the right diaper, PETPET has done their research by spekaing to families to discover the top three functions that are most important which are no leakages, long lasting and continuous dryness. And after doing numerous amounts of research and development, PETPET is happy to bring you a range of daipers that promises to bring hours and hours of joy to families.

Being a soon to be mom, i must admit that im nervous with diaper changing for the next few years once the baby is out, but i guess thats life and i wouldnt want things to get messy while changing. Wont you agree? The new range of PETPET diapers utilises non-woven fabric and absorbent material processing and moulding techniques that is very much ahead of the industry. With its superior 'Fast Dry' technology couples with its 360 AirThru system, it allows more comfort and quick dying mechanism that keeps babies comfortable and happy for up to 10 hours a day. WOW.

Eventhough it can last for us to 10 hours, i personally wouldnt leave a diaper on a baby for that long, buts its always good to take safety measures when youre rushing running errands and not worry about the baby's diaper leaking. This 10 hours feature would likely be a benefit for night usage when parents and baby would want a good night sleep without any disturbance of discomfort. A happy baby equals to happy parents.

Priced at a really reasonable price too!
The exclusive features of their new born diaper
And as for the 'New-Born' product in particular, PETPET has ensured that their diapers are significantly softer against a new-born sensitive skina nd has been designed to also take into account the childs healing navel area to that theres is no pressure or overlay. AMAZING! Even for me, i didnt really think abou the navel area for the baby, especially when its catered to new borns. Well done PETPET in giving me re-assurance on a suitable diaper for new parents or existing parents with new babies heading their way.

Loving the new Petpet diaper look!
With the newly designed diapers, families can now have more stress-free quality time to create memorable moments together. With this new and improved range of diapers, be sure to check them out in stores all around Klang Valley starting 19th March 2019 as they will be special premiums, games, and deals to celebrate the upgrade. For more information, head over to PETPET's official facebook page and keep yourself updated with the latest news on the brand.


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