Thursday, October 3, 2019

Best Solution for Dry Cracked Lips | LEGEND AGE Lip Balm

Presenting LEGEND AGE Lip Balm
Hi guys, today i'll be talking about an ultimate lipbalm that would change your life. Okay, maybe not your entire life, but definitely your lips. You see, i suffer with dry lips on a weekly basis and it goes on and off most of the time, but you know, i think thats how lips work. You wear lipstick throughout the day, your lips starts to get dry, you scrub your lips and put whatever moisturiser you have then it repeats. With that being a concern of mine, i was introduced to LEGEND AGE lip balm and man, this is one of the most  comfortable lip balms that i've ever laid my lips on that it deserves a shout out. Do scroll below to find out why.

Bye bye Chapped Lips! 

Bye bye flaky chapped lips!
Okay, so here's why LEGEND AGE Lip Balm is one of the best lip balms to me at the moment. Being currently on confinement with a newborn baby, i am very concern on what i apply on my lips, especially when i enjoy kissing my baby all day. Unlike traditional lipsticks and lip balms, the LEGEND AGE Lip Balm does not contain any artificial or harmful ingredients. Its made entirely out of natural ingredients that would keep your lips healthy and moist throughout the day with the help of beeswax, west indian cherry essence, vitamin e oil and titanium dioxide.

Friendly for Newborns

Elegant packaging in black and gold
Balm is in a mustard yellow shade
Also, did you know that since its all natural, the paste is actually edible. Not that im encourging you to eat it but for your information, women tend to digest lipsticks unintentionally pretty frequent without you actually realizing it. LEGEND AGE Lip Balm has been tested to be safe for consumption and is even designed to be suitable for children and pregnant women as well. And i salute them for not involving any animal cruelty when the lip balm is made. YAY to animal free cruelty! In my case, im pretty happy to find out that its safe enough to apply this on my lips and not worrying about my baby. Kudos to LEGEND AGE Lip Balm for creating a Lip balm that is friendly for pregnant women and for mom's with newborns.


I literally bring this everywhere i go now, just because its amazing in moisturizing
I think i dont exactly need to explain on how to use this, but really if you do need an explanation on how to apply this amazing lip balm, you can start by twisting about 1cm of the balm, apply about 2-3 layers on your lips, then wait for a minimum of 2 minutes for the balm to show results. In terms of texture, it was very east to glide it on my lips. I was impressed to find out that the minute i applied it on my lips, my lips were instantly moisturized. Not only that its moisturized, any signs of cracked lips were instantly gone too!

Not too sure if its obvious enough, but you can see theres a swatched line in the photo
An alternative solution in using this lip balm is to apply a thick layer before you go to bed, and wake up the next morning with ultra moisturized lips. A personal favourite way of mine would be to apply a thick layer before going to bed, especially when im planning to apply matte lipstick the next day when im going out. You wont have to worry about applying lipstick that would make your cracked lips visable cause its going to be smooth when you apply the LEGEND AGE Lip Balm. You have my word on this!

Tried and Tested

Glides very smoothly on lips despite the uneven surface
I've been using this for over a month now and it is a saviour! Initially i had troubles with flaky lips, and i didnt want to expose any harsh chemicals to my baby when im kissing her. After finding out that LEGEND AGE Lip Balm is an all-natural lip balm, i had no worries on applying it on my lips. After a week of daily application, i realized that my lips were always smooth and flake free! Since my lips were getting better, i only had to apply this on alternate days within the week to maintain the healthy appearance of my lips. I also realized that it kindda made my lips looked brighter, giving it a more natural pinkish tone. The reason behind this would be all thanks to the cherry essence. The color will appear different based on the skins PH level where darker red means body is acidic while pink indicates body is alkaline.


I would highly recommend you to consider this if youre looking to have 24/7 moist lips!
As a verdict, i would say that this is a great lip balm if youre looking for something that would really solve your dry cracked lips. Retails at RM135, i would say that its a little high end, but for the results and the quality being put into creating a lipbalm that is all natural, and safe enough to be in contact with babies, i'd say that its a steal! It feels super comfortable on the lips, and unlike those typical balms that leaves a slight sticky residue. So, looking for the ultimate lip balm that would instantly moisturize your lips without any presence of chemicals? I highly recommend you to consider LEGEND AGE Lip Balm as a choice to solve your worries.


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