Monday, June 13, 2016

The HerbaLine Spa Party // Mama Kim

At the entrance of HerbaLine
Hello, readers, I'm proud to announce to you that I'm done with my final paper for my MBA! Now to keep my fingers crossed on passing on my grades. And I can't thank Herbaline enough for hosting a spa-party for bloggers to enjoy and discover the new concepts of Herbaline's newest branch located in Puchong. Just the perfect time to reward myself with some self pampering after my examinations. Since good things are meant to be shared, I really cant wait to share with you this secret hideout located in Puchong.

The walkway to the secret retreat
Upon arrival, its always nice to see smiling faces around you, giving you a warm welcome to Herbaline. I was greeted more than 5 times thats for sure and i have to say that i felt very much welcomed by their friendly staffs. The venue was really spacious and next to the Herbaline centre is the Mama Kim Restaurant which is apparently well known for healthy recipe's that taste amazing!

Just soaking my feet in sea salt
Their special Sea Salt
As i enter the secret passage to this sanctuary, i was told to give my feet a soak in warm water with their special salt to kill bacteria. Even though it was just 5 minutes of my time, plus the sea salt content while soaking my feet, i felt like my feet felt really refreshed and cooling after the session. Not that i know why, but i have to say that i was amazed with what 5 minutes can do.

The Sea Salt room!
Fits 3 people per session
After the feet soaking session, i was then brought to check out this room filled with sea salt almost all over the room. It felt like i was a kid again upon entering this room with only 3 seats in it. I was told that the seasalt is suppose to encourage blood circulation while it relaxes the muscles of your feet through traditional chinese beliefs. Not that im too sure on how that works, but i do see results. Once i was satisfied with my seasalt treat, i was then brought to another room to rinse my feet off. I admit that i was amazed that event the room to wash your feet was impressive!

The Japanese shower room
The changing room
They even had a shower room with a Japanese concept for those who would want to freshen up after a long day of the hustle and bustle life of the city. And once you're done showering they will bring you to your changing room to change into something more comfortable. You will then be lead to your locker to maybe lock your personal belongings and proceed to get your massage or facial done.

Before every facial, you will be treated with an aromatherapy where you will be required to inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mount for 3 times. And this was an amazing moment to really relax, cause the scent was absolutely relaxing. Once you have inhaled the aroma, you will then be lead to the facial rooms located upstairs.

The Facial Room
The Massage room
The hall way on the 2nd floor
They have about 10 individual facial rooms and 2 couple rooms so if you ever decide to drop by, they can take in about 12 people at a time, but of course, it would be advisable to call before coming as i won't blame them for having people dropping by almost every hour for their signature facial massages. I love how clean the rooms are, and the fact that theres a welcome tray that has a comb, and hair net to keep your hair in place.

Aromatheraphy station
Hand and back massage anyone?
They have their own products too!
Once you are done with your facial, you will then be brought back to the second aromatherapy station to revitalize  yourself again after the facial. You will also have a choice to want to soak your feet in fish therapy where they will eat your dead skin cells away, but i'll warn you that to some, it may be a little ticklish. hehe. But since it was a bloggers event kind of preview, i opted for the back and hand massage instead. And boy, they are really good with picking the right points.

Off to Mama Kim!
The concept of Mama Kim
If you think the spa party ends there, it doesn't! We were then brought over next door to check out Mama Kim to see what the restaurant has to offer. As an appetizer, we had salad that tasted fruity and followed by the main dish of the day 'sauna mee'. The name of the sauna mee may be a little odd, but once you see the dish coming, you will pretty much get why its called the sauna mee. Served in a hot stone pot, the staff will pour the soup in for you and  your dish will practically create steam once the soup is poured in. The aroma was rather appetizing, cause im telling you to not judge on how it looks. It may look like a plain bowl of soup and noodles, but you'd be surprised to find out that this dish is filled with flavours!

Their special dish, sauna mee
With my babes, Miriam, and Tara 
And mua after a long day of exams.
Loving the hot stone pot.
So there you have it, Herbaline's 28th branch located in Puchong. I have to admit that the jam was rather bad from PJ if youre heading to Puchong after 6pm, so i would still advise you to go when its during non-peak hours for a more comfortable journey. So what are you waiting for? Book a slot today and experience what i experienced for yourself, and trust me, you'll be back for more. hehe. Thanks for reading my blog post, and if youre looking for more information and updates on Herbaline promotions, be sure to head on over to their website at

Sara xx


  1. What a great pampering day! The sea salt room looks very comfortable and relaxing.

  2. Pampering moment suit for a Princess like you! the salt room. Something new.

  3. I need to do this too.
    Am gonna try with friends soon.

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  5. definitely good to treat ourselves. Im gonna ajak the qirls for sure

  6. That looks so relaxing..I want to leave my feet in the salt room...huhhuhuh

  7. Wow! This is so much fun! I want go I want go!!

  8. What a relaxing, pampering session. I need to give some time-out to myself, too!

  9. this looks like an amazing place to go unwind and chill out after a hectic day or trip... I want to go there too

  10. would love to experience the salt thingy :).. awesome times!

  11. i love to experience that too. bring me there

  12. this place is so "zen"! love every bit of my experience here with the spa and food

  13. what a princessy day! I love spa too! Glad that you have a great time there :)

  14. I love the spa there !! And the sauna mee too~

  15. seems so nice la. been wanting to bring my friends but they don't like healthy food. (duh...) hopefully i can make it one day!

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