Friday, June 3, 2016

Heelbowtok Review // Althea Korea

The Heelbow Tok
Don't you hate those ugly flaky cracks you get around your elbow and heel? If you do, here would be the solution to remove those while and harden flaky skin. I managed to get my hands on the Heelbow Tok from to find out if this really does the trick. Well, if you're wondering with me, do read on to find out.

Comes in a tube of 30ml
A little introduction on the product, its called the Heelbow tok which acts as an essence for dry or rough skin, specifically the elbow or foot. It's made in Korea, and if you noticed, it's also has a cute tagline that says its mom's solution (super cute tagline). The Heelbow tok comes in a 30ml tube, and what fascinates me the most would be that it doesn't require to get your hands dirty. Cause really, who wants their hands to get dirty when they have the option not to?

Instructions in Korean
Spongy knob applicator
If you can read Korean, congratulations cause the instructions on the box are all written in Korean.  But if you don't, thankfully you're here to read the guidelines on how to use this product. It claims that in just 1 minute a day, this Heelbow Tok would exfoliate, hydrate and repairs the skin all at once. Too good to be true? There's only one way to find out! It comes with a spongy knob at the end to control the amount of liquid within it to secrete onto your dry skin areas.

Before applying the Hellbowtok
Decided to test this out on my mom's heel (since its called mom's solution), and I found that the Heelbow Tok works like a charm! I'm not sure about you, but I think most of us wished we don't have flaky hard skin on our heels. Without proper care, the condition of your heel might get worst! This happens because our heel is lacking moisture, its hard for skin to exfoliate naturally, and it happens frequently to those who love wearing heels which end up stressing the heel skin. But now, we have the heelbow tok to save the day, there's absolutely nothing to worry about.

During application
Before and after shot (taken after 1 minute after applying)
All you need to do is to "tok tok tok" around the heel area, and a moisturizing serum will lightly cover the heel area which provides moisturizing benefits. It also releases a baby powder scent which I believe gets rid of unpleasant foot odor. And from the image above, I guess you can pretty tell how well it works, and it definitely took less than a minute. So if you have a tight schedule to follow each day, 1 minute is all you need to achieve flawless heels, literally.

Do you have dry elbow's?
Heelbow Tok is to solution to that too! 
Managed to try it our on my elbow too and believe me, I was amazed how it takes less than a minute to get my elbow to look well moisturized (refer to before/ after image above). I love that the product is reasonably priced on which makes it a plus point! Now everyone can have nicer elbows and heels. All you need to do is to 'tok tok tok' and you're already on your way to flawless elbows and heels. As a verdict after a week of using this, with 1 minute a day, I realized that my heel and elbow appearance is so much better than before. Well, that's all for now. For more information, you can visit to check these out!

Sara xx

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