Thursday, June 23, 2016

Maybelline tells Malaysian Girl to "Make It Happen"

Hey you guys, recently Maybelline launched their brand new tagline to spur young women in pursuing their dreams. Make it happen is the new inspiration from Maybelline New York, calling out to young Malaysian women to go after their dream without letting doubts or fear stop them. With Maybelline, it instead provides a woman the confidence, the positivity and the creativity that comes with the use of makeup.

At the new tagline launch, we had Maybelline New York Malaysia's Marketing Manager, Pink Fong, who explained that behind the brands new slogan, its all about being close to women, seeing the need to evolve the way we speak and especially focusing on the new millennials, to reflect in their daily lifestyle. The 'IT' symbolises a powerful word that has lived with Maybelline for decades, and not it's defined in her hands to essentially express her beauty and her life, by making it happen.

To make this launch even more meaningful, they have inluded Malaysian 'IT' girls from diverse backgrounds and interest who share a common passion in pursuing their own life goals. The highlight was also that we had a special appearance by the finalist of Asia's Next Top Model 4, which Maybelline New York is the proud official makeup sponsor. These girls are to represent Malaysian women today, by sharing their stories to serve as an inspiration to other Malaysian women to chase for their dreams.

What makes these girls different would be that they are spirited, expressive and part of the makes of revolution. Girls in our generation nowadays tend to know what they want, and they do make it happen! From getting a fulfilling career, a meaningful life, a contented family, health and wellness and basically embrasing their unique personality. These girls are not afraid to live up their greatest potential in life, making them great role models for women to follow.

We had the 'IT' girls to share a thing or two bout how make-up has helped transform their lives, and gave them the courage, positivity and confidence to go after their dreams where we had Nuraini Mohd Noor, Harmini Asokumar, Nur Elisya Mohd Faisal, Johanis Mohd Sani, Wong Jie Xhia and Noorzamrina Hj Zamrin. Curious about what they have to say? Below would be some story telling time on how they have managed to show their confidence to the world.

More known as Tuti, she said "I love the confidence that make-up gives me. To me, Maybelline's wide range of products allows me to exercise my creativity in defining my look of the day, whether i am at work or just going shopping, all i need to do is look into the mirror, pick up a Maybelline product and make it happen!" - Nuraini Mohd Noor, Asia's Next Top Model 4 finalist

"Whenever I feel like giving up, I will whip out my Maybelline Rosy Matte Lipstick. The lipstick is awesome and it makes my lips look gorgoeus and plump. Everytime i put it on, any signs fo xhausting on my face are replaced by an energetic and confident look. This lifes my else esteem and makes me feel like i can take on any challenges that come my way. " -Nur Elisya, Actress

"To spread hoy, one has to be first be a picyure of positivity. Maybelline Hypersarp Powerbank Liquid Liner really enliven my looks. When i look good in the mirror, i fell wonderful too and all the positivity comes rushing in ti help me bring cheers to them. "
Noorzamrina Hj Zamrin, Freelance Model"

Besides sharing their inspirations Make It Happen stotries, the girls took center stage at the new tagline launch when they were transformed with Maybelline make up under the hands of makeup artist StevenSunny! With Angie Tan, Adillah and Nuraini Mohd Noor who were the finalist of Asia's next Top Model 4 up on stage, it really got heads turnings once StevenSunny did his magic on these models.

With the wide availability of Maybelline products in all major stores and pharmacies, the brand's make it happen message will reach Malaysian girls from all walks of lfe, to inspire them to make their mark in the world and conquer all possible odds. Find out more about the power of transformation through Maybelline make up in the 'IT' Girls lookbook , which can be found on and hashtag (#MaybellineITGIRLS) to find the look that you would like to carry.

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