Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Celebrate Raya this year with Jakel

The celebrity ambassdors
Jakel has proudly announced their latest Raya collection that will be available at all JAKEL stores in Malaysia this year. At the press conference, we had the Managing Director of Jakel, Datuk Mohamed Faroz Mohamed Jakel who has proudly announced the celebrity ambassadors to present their Raya collection in collaboration with Jakel. With tons of options to choose from, why not we proceed to what awaits you? hehe

 The crowd was definitely cray cray that day
Ayda Jebat giving everyone a mini catwalk presentation
The ambassadors Jep Sepahtu, Schawalara and Datuk AC Mizal and Ayda Jebat are the new ambassadors of JAKEL because their personality and character are relatable to the 2016 Raya collection. By having different variety and characters to this years collection when collaborating with these amazing personalities, Jakel has ensured that their collection would be available to suit different personalities  and lifestyles of their loyal shoppers this Raya.

Shoppers shopping at Jakel
Loving the details that i had to snap a photo
With continuous support from Jakel Fans, they have put extra effort in making sure that everyone from all types and body sizes would be happy to find their Raya outfit of their choice at Jakel. The collection from Jakel features the Baju Melayu Moden, The Jubah Terawih collection, Baju Kurung & Kids Baju Kurung.

Ayda Jebat promoting her collection to shoppers
What do you think of the collection?
If youre a regular shopper at Jakel, you would know that Jakel loves to throw surprise promotions at random peak hours (coughs, if youre lucky). haha. So here we have Ayda Jebat who threw a superb promotional offer for fans to purchase her collection at a lower cost. Surprisingly, i was so tempted to get her collection for myself since it was all pastel. Gotta love pastel collections right? Hehe.

Anybody a fan of Scha Alya?
Fine details
Featured Raya collections
But if youre looking for a family oriented options from the Raya collection, you can always check out Scha Al-Yahya's, Awal Ashaari's, and Lara Alana's collection. The collection guarantees high-quality fabrics and the highlights the idea that the collection is affordable for everyone, while having exclusive designs featured. So i managed to check out the collection, and surprisingly, the pricing isnt that bad. Be sure to check Jakel out to see for yourself.

Jubah for the men.
Each collection will have a special collaboration tag on the collection.  
Siap Jep's Baju Melayu
Tons of colours and options to choose from
With so much variety featured in this years Raya collection, theres no doubt that you would find the right Raya suit for those celebrating the festive season. So, ladies and gents, have you found the right Raya outfit for yourself yet? If you havent, i'd highly suggest you to visit Jakel to find the one! For more information on Jakel offers, why not head on over to their official website at Well, do tell me which collection is your favourite and here's to wishing you guys an advance Selamat Hari Raya :)

Sara xx

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