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Unboxing CubeCrate ; May 2016 Box

Unboxing my May Cubecrate box!
My May 2016 CubeCrate box is here, and i cant wait to share it with you guys! Just in case you havent noticed, i've been writing on CubeCrate's boxes monthly, and up till today, the mystery subscription box has never failed to make me feel special. So if youre here to read on my unboxing, well, read away by scrolling below:

Here's a little teaser of whats inside
A typical note from Cubecrate
And of course a sheet of the advertisers of the month.
And as usual, every box of CubeCrate comes with a note to remind you to include a #cubecrate for every social share, and an advertisers sheet for the featured products of the month. So in this month, you can see that there are 5 advertisers featuring The Sabun, Alvue, Beyond Beauty, MyCare Malaysia and Rainbows & Butterflies. Some brands which im already familiar with, and some are new discoveries of amazing new products.  


Featuring the Sabun
Homemade organic Pinana Berry lipbalm
First up for feature would be the Pinana Berry Lip Balm from The Sabun. The Sabun is a local brand that offers a range of homemade products by using only the purest, organic ingredients which means you guessed it, no chemicals! I'd have to say that i admire that its a local effort that has been genuinely made with love and passion by a Malaysians. I gave it a go, and its now in my handbag for days that my lips feel extra dry. Other than the amazing scent, its also moisturizes my lips effortlessly. Do check them out at to see what else they have to offer too!


The ultimate All in One Facial Scrub , Alvue
Spot the micro beads!
When in contact with water.
Scrub time!
Just in time for a new facial scrub! CubeCrate included a tube of Alvue Pomegranate-Rejuvenating Facial Scrub that gives your skin the deep natural care it deserves. The unique blend of pomegranate, essential oils and nano scrub gently cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, keeping it pimple free while removing dirt away from pores. I managed to give this scrub a shot, and im amazed how this scrub works gently without over-drying the skin. At the price of RM18 per tube, i think its super reasonable for the amazing quality of the product. Check them out at for more deets.


A service Voucher worth RM180
And lookie here, we have a Beyond Beauty Service Voucher worth RM180 for a pampering session. Thanks CubeCrate, needed this badly after a long exhausting month. I did a background research on Beyong Beauty, and they offer face  and body care which includes slimming and spa services. Perfect for those who need some de-stressing after a stressful month. Alternatively, you can read on more about them at (You're welcome) hehe.


Presenting White Formula!
Gotta love travel sized skincare for those who are always on the go
Skincare with details do come in handy too!
MyCare Malaysia on the other hand included some sample sized items from White Formula, a Taiwanese skincare brand which i have already tried it out (and currently using). Despite the brand not being too well known yet in Malaysia, i'd say that the quality is on point. Especially because its formulated with Hyraluronic Acid. I also have to admit that im a major sucker for skincare that contains Hyaluronic Acid. Check MyCare out at for more amazing products that they have to offer.


How cute is this packed gift? 
Tadaa, got myself a cute hankerchief
This was an inception, cause i got another package in a package. (Geddit, lol) haha. Ok, thanks guys, if youre not laughing, you can just read away cause this really cute hand towel came from Rainbows and Butterflies. They are not your regular baby store, cause they take pride in handcrafting each gift with tender loving care. I think its cute how they folded this towel to be in a shape of a handbag. Check their FB out if you might be interested in their baby gifts at or visit their Instagram at @handcraftedgifts4u.


Yummy dessert from Fod Goodness Cakes
Last but not least would be some yummy treats from For Goodness Cakes! They sent over some delicious dessert which i wished came in a bigger portion (Boohoo). But it definitely satisfied my sweet tooth since it was all chocolatey and soft and chewy. Great to be enjoyed with a cup of tea thats for sure! I would have taken a photo of the content inside, but i totally forgot cause i was kindda hungry that i walloped everything up before i could snap a photo of it. sorry guys! It tasted good. Check out their facebook page and maybe visit their cafe! For more details, head on over to

So there you have it! A box filled with items worth over RM200 if you ask me. CubeCrate will never fail you with different finds and treasures available online and offline each month, so if you're tempted to sign up for yourself, head on over to for more information on how to subscribe! That's all in my May unboxing post, and if you have any comments in regards of thi post, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Thanks for dropping by btw!

Loves and kisses,

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