Friday, June 17, 2016

Triumph's Hello Summer perfection!

Triumph's Mid Valley boutique
With Summer being all about being out in the sun, it's definitely a necessity to find the one that will bring you fresh and flawless radiance! And by flawless radiance, that includes effortless comfort and style that will encourage you to create the perfect Summer vacay from head to head.

The new collection featured at Triumph
This year's summer has gotten even more exciting because Triumph has launched their new Light Fascination collection, just in time to freshen women up for warmer months, and at the same time bring confidence. With the latest collection being super breathable, lightweight and designed to perfection, there is no doubt that you will feel like you're on top of the world with Triumph lingerie.

Close up shot on their Shape Sensation Forever Young collection
Getting the chance to see the collection up close, I have to say that it was crafted to guarantee the highest comfort levels to provide you a spectacular Summer in 2016. The range is generally everything your favourite lingerie should be, which includes sensuously surrounding your body in extremely lightweight with perfectly fit support, airy comfort and fresh beauty.

Loving the pastel colours!
The new collection boasts Triumph's star products feature's the Body Make-Up Light, Magic Boost Light and Shape Sensation Light where each of these collections was designed to impart specific features depending on the wearer's needs. Now let's get into some serious details on the collection.

The Maximizer range 
Embracing modern simplicity and an essential part of any fashion-conscious diva, the Body Make-Up Light collection possesses its renowned 'second skin; fit and smooth finish that has an increased bonus of breathability and extra lightweight cup design. The range features Triumps fabulous new Magic Wire technology that's hailed as the 'virtually invisible' bra. It has an innovative cup design that promises all the support of a wire with the feel on none. Imagine that? Wireless bras are in season now, especially highlighting the fact on how comfy they are too! These breathable cups increase airflow with its soft smooth fabric that ensures an incredible fit, making you feel like you're wearing nothing at all. Believe me, when I say nothing *wink

The Magix Spacer range
And if you're looking for a little attention, you can always enhance your Summer look with the Magic Boost Light range. It combines maximum cleavage with maximum comfort to flaunt your gorgeous feminine  curves (yeap, you know what I'm talking about). haha. In this range, it would be hard to say no to the magic boost that also features the breathable cups that is super light making it feel a boost in confidence as well.

The Shape Sensation range 
Other varieties available on the shape sensation collection
Last but not least would be my ultimate favourite when it comes to support. Ths Shape Sensation range focuses more on sculpting, firming and toning your upper curves, making it a must-have assortment to give you every possible advantage. With this 3D Sculpt design technology, its will be sure to give you the extra lift and slimming support, not to forget the breathability and light airy feel to be the perfect lingerie to complete your summer.

Since i got my eys on one already ;)
And there you have it guys! The latest collection from Triumph is purposely designed to beat the heat to provide you with a more comfortable experience of being out in the sun during summer. The makers of Lingerie from Triumph has designed with comfort and super light fascination to make it everything that you've dreamt of come true!

Mei helping me find the one by getting the right measurments.
The number of successfully fitted customers.
I managed to get myself fitted at their Mid Valley outlet and I'm loving the attention I'm getting from Mei for helping me find the one. I decided to give the Shape Sensation range a go since I think I need to focus more on giving support to my bust line. Also, a guilty confession that i have flabby sides which tend to show when wearing the wrong type of bra, the Shape Sensation provides the right support needed to get those flabby underarm lines to look unnoticeable.

GOOD NEWS - Shopbraholic Tricks! 

With so many varieties of stunning lingerie, it can be rather difficult to stop at just 1. So to welcome the festive season, Triumph has a special sale to welcome shopbraholic's! Since good things are meant to be shared, here are some tricks on how to be a smart shopbraholic and get rewarded as you spend.

Try your chance to spend and win too!

Trick #1 //  Spend & Be Rewarded
If you're planning to get that dream bra from Triumph, might as well be a Triumph member* when you spend a minimum of RM150 and start accumulating points for instant rewards! By being a Triumph member, you'll get exclusive privileges such as point redemptions, birthday month treats and be the first to receive exciting updates, exclusive promotions, luxe event invites and latest product previews!

On going promotions
Trick #2 // Lingerie For Free
For the first time ever, you can stand a chance to join a Manic Night of ShopBraHaul organized by Triumph where you challenge yourself to bag home the most bras within 30 seconds! To be eligible to join, all you need to do is to simply "buy 6, get 3 free"* and get a chance to gain VIP access to this special event.

Shopbraholic's dream 

Trick #3 // Splurge To Save Online
This would be a once in a life time ShoBraholics Unite After Dark event! By shopping 6 bras and get 3 for free online, you'll get the chance to shop-put at their Shopbraholics Unite After Dark online event which is yet to be announced! This is an exciting event where shopbraholics will get the chance to enjoy unbeatable promotions and free deals in an exclusive invite-only site. Be sure to check to not miss out on this event!

I found the one, when are you finding yours? 
Here's mine showing off my Shape Sensation Forever Young lingerie.
Walk into your nearest Triumph store today to enjoy exclusive limited time deals, and believe me, I'm not letting myself miss out on this as it doesn't happen on a regular basis. So have you found the one yet? If you haven't, you better find the most comfortable, lightest bra and lingerie set for yourself this Summer at Triumph today! PSST! Triumph just recently open a new boutique at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya! So if you leave around the perimeter, why not check the store out? Do share me your thoughts or comments below as I would love to hear more about what you think about it.

Sara xx


  1. looking great with your new lingerie... I like it loads too ... I happen to have the same one.. heheheh

  2. When I was growing up, Triumph used to be a brand for older women. Now, I am glad to see that younger ones are appreciative of their line of lingerie. I know I am.

  3. The purple colour was so nice , babe~ Wanna see their collection when i go Midvalley~

  4. women's clothings, and even lingerie, they come out with new designs every season. SO hard to keep up, hehe. not that i'm complaining.

  5. Yea, to have a correct bra is essential for us, there is a new outlet in Queensbay Penang now, I shall go soon.

  6. Triumphs is always my first choice of bra! I love your hair curl till, so natural and suitable for you =D

  7. ooo I would like to try out this magical wire that doesnt even feel like it's there!

  8. Triumphs is my favorite brand for lingerie as they do give me some comfortable feeling when putting on. Looks like need to go bra shopping again xD

  9. wow this looks good for you, nice color too.
    long time no shop in this shop shall visit soon.

  10. Ooh didn't know that they're having a sale right now! I think it's about time I get a few new ones hehe

  11. this post came in just when i thought of buying a new pair of bras. lol! love Triumph as they are established brand.

  12. Love your new bras! So pretty Aliza!

  13. Triumph is a great brand. For comfort, for style, for fit!

  14. Get the right one, love the 'sisters' dearly and they will serve you well for more years to come. Hehe

  15. Wow, love their near nude colour bra set! Maybe I should grab one set and try it out :D

  16. I've been a fan of Triumphs since teenager, looking good with your new lingerie!

  17. My no.1 choice for bras, hope they have maternity ones as i'll be needing one soon lol