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[EVENT] Nivea Empower Run 2016

Nivea Empowr Run 2016
I think we all know that sweating is a natural part of the human function to keep out body cool and comfortable in order to maintain our average body temperature. Amazing how the body works, dont you think so? It prevents us from overheating especially when we are performing strenuous activities in warm or hot weathers. As good as it sounds, there is always a down side to it. When sweat is combined with bacteria found on our skin, sweat emits an odor that is not to our liking. But thankfully we have the existents of deodorants available in various sizes, scents and formula's to reduce on the odor issue we are facing.

Nivea's Pearl and Beauty
Choosing a deodorant that fits our personality best can be challenging, but with NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Deodorant, you wont have to worry anymore! The ingredients were carefully picked to be gentle on skin and it also contains precious pearl extract to nourish the underarms, providing fresher, smoother, and pearly-white skin. It gives 48-hours of protection against sweat and odor, ensuring underarm freshness as well as an all-day confidence boost so you wouldnt have to worry about your odor bother other people.

The amazing sunrise at the event
Nivea's Empower Run 2016 medals
Balloons anyone? 
NIVEA has been encouraging women to pursue their aspirations and goals for many years, uncovering their potentials that lie within themselves that they never knew of. NIVEA has always been supporting women empowering initiatives by reaching out to the needy ones. They have support endeavors by providing them with skills and the confident to secure jobs which in return improves their living conditions with a brighter future.

Joining in the crowd with my tutu provided by Nivea
The NIVEA EMPOWER RUN 2016, organized by NIVEA Pearl & Beauty, aims to empower women by giving a chance to women to participate in the run which was held on the 5th of June 2016. Participants were given a running kit which were rather impressive if you ask me, as they have included the NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Deodorant spray, NIVEA Emppower Run t-shirt, tutu skirt, running bib and goods from watsons. Participants were encouraged to put on the tutu skirt provided in the running kit as a symbol of feminity and to strongly show that women can achieve anything even in their most elegant ways.

Participants enjoying the run
It was an amazing sight to see over 2000 participants who turned up before the break of dawn for the NIVEA EMPOWER RUN held at Setia City Mall. There was also a special appearance by, local celebrities, Atilia Haron a wel-known R&B singer and health enthusiast, Eyka Farhana an upcoming actress and model. Nadia Heng was also present who was the Miss Malaysia 2010, where she took the role as the emcee of the day!

At the starting line
Balloons at the starting line were released
The Pearl & Beauty Experience
Before the run, participants were given a NIVEA bio-degradable balloon which were released into the air once the race started to symbolize the act of defying all boundaries. During the run, participants made their way to a photobooth stop where they can snap amazing photos as a short pit stop. What excites me during the run was that they had an activity station whereby i had to go through the Pearl & Beauty Experience which i admit was pretty cool as the runners were rejuvenated with the empowering freshness of NIVEA Pearl & Beauty deodorant.

Atilia Haron making an appearance
Nivea's donation to FORWARD
While waiting for runners to complete the 5km race, Atilia Haron gave a Women Empowerment performance to participants to show her support to the NIVEA Empower Run. Runners were given medals for completing the run and some lucky participants managed to walk away with lucky draw prizes at the finale of the event.  Personally, being a part of this event has definitely created awareness  for a good cause and of course the awareness of the existence of the NIVEA Pearl &Beauty. Profits were contibuted towards helping the poor and needy, where NIVEA donated to a charity organization 'For Wisdom & Revolutionary Development (FORWARD)'.

managed to get myself a medal too!
Empowering Women has always been a campaign which i will show support to. Looking at my mum, as role model, has made me realize that at the end of the day, every women actually has capabilities to reach for their dreams with a little encouragement. So with the Nivea Empower Run, NIVEA has definitely given encouragement to women from different background and personalities to believe that their dreams are achievable. I do hope NIVEA organizes more meaningful events like these in the near future. For more information on NIVEA, please visit or If you've personally experience the NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Deodorant, do share me your thoughts on it by leaving a comment below.

Sara xx

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