Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday night

It was Friday at 6.45pm, we went out for dinner. this time, my aunt invited us to have dinner with her.

Bangsar Village
don't mind the shorts, i don't usually go out with shorts :) photographer; daniel
i thought we were going to eat somewhere macam mamak je. lol

so, we browse around first before choosing where to have dinner.

Basil thai restaurant
while waiting, we took some pictures first 7.30pm
from left: mommy, baby & aunty chiak
masing masing muka laparr :)
from left: mua & daniel
bajett. haha.

Haha, makan makan makan. then, we saw this interesting shop called
theobroma Choɔolate Lounge

apa lagi laa kan, singgah kejap, for dessert :)

ǝƃunoן ǝʇɐןoɔoɥɔ ɐɯoɹqoǝɥʇ

while waiting for their specialities to arrive

Chocolate, nuts, biscuit crumble, & Sultana Crepe

Chocolate fruit platters

strawberries, banana, citrus, and marshmallows.
the strawberries reminds me of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. lol :)

haha. sedapp okeyy? :) overall their presentation was magnifique.

*sape tak penah try, pegi try! haha. their prices are affordable & worth it ;D

sʇǝןʇno : Pavilion KL, Bangsar Village, 1 Utama(New Wing) PJ.

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  1. haha i ske Chocolate, nuts, biscuit crumble, & Sultana Crepe..mcm sedap gler je..saje bg i lapar...huhu..btw asal tulisan kat gambar 3 u tulis mua? haha
    and anoter 1 yang tulisan square tu..i xpaham..xD