Friday, November 21, 2008

When Daniel says 'Shut Up'

it was at ballet class. daniel terpaksa tunggu outside my class. while waiting for my class to finish, ada some of the lower grades after my class were waiting too. after i finished my class, daniel can actually imitate them. lol. basically he cant stand them talking. he was like 'they cant keep their mouth shut!'. haha.
they were like;

girl 1: OMG! like there's this one guy just moved to my school and he soo has a crush on me.
girl 2: like OMG. is he cute?
girl 1: yeah! damm cute. i dont mind really? he like'ing me and all. i mean like. who would'nt? anyway, since he's cute. i dont mind. if he's not cute, i would vomit if i see him anywhere.
girl 2: then, try talking to him?
girl 1: like. eww? no wayy? i would prefer guys to talk to me first. duhh.
girl 2: what if he's shy?
girl 1: then he's not worth it. i would want a boyfriend that would scream out my name when im at the cheer com, well, cheer leading is hard you know?
girl 2: so like? do you like him?
girl 1: i would say maybe? but like O.M.G! he's just so cute. alot of girls in my school are drooling over him. and he has a crush on me. and to think that i have other ppl crushing on me.
girl 2: ok then.
girl 1: oh yeah. did i mention that i just bought new shoes? like prada weyh. it was like only Rm1000 ++. really cheap!

bla bla bla. their conversation goes on and on until my class finish(according to daniel)

Daniel: omg! i cant stand waiting for you.

haha. daniel macam sakit jiwa dahh. and it was only like 10 minutes je lahh dia tunggu.
so, his advice is to:

if ppl are annoying you, its either you annoy them back or ignore them or run away or shoot them(not literally) :)

them: bla bla bla shoes bla bla bla hair bla bla bla boys and more bla bla bla's

go to them and say

you: excuse me, have you seen my ferarri? heyy, this is not where i parked my car?
them: whatever.
you: ahh. like whatever back to you too.
them: what did you just said to me?
you: was i talking to you?
them: like yeah?
you: uhh. like talk to the hand (a.k.a) my secretary.
them: i cant believe you just said that to me.
you: does it look like i care?

haha. basically, just annoy them back if you dare. :)

ps: mostly written by daniel. haha.

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