Friday, November 14, 2008

my best friend was my enemy

ps: i look fat. haha. :D

well, it all started when i moved from kelantan smpaii tersesat di selangor, petaling jaya. pindah tu roughly bulan june;year 2005. haha. 1st day pegi skolah baruu. so, my mum ikatkn a blue ribbon on to my pony tail for first impresion or something like that. lol, i just followed whatever my mum says la. but the first impresion thing mmg havock. since no one knew me during that time, i was known as the ' blue ribbon girl' ==" it was annoying at first. but slowly, i got used to it. C:

And now, for the exciting part. haha. GOSSIPS!! ppl started nk ckp yang i nih mengedik, bla bla bla, prasan, bla bla bla, syok sendiri? haha. y should i care lah kan? XD but then, ppl ckp yang the person that started all this was 'Azie'. she's pretty in a way when i first saw her. so, ppl told me that she's angry because i stole her popularity or something? macam bodoh. ;p for 3 whole years, pok pek pok pek. i irritated her, she irritated me. bla bla bla.

Then 2008 was finally here! first 3 months, i was still in the same situation with her as before. but then 'Pn. Rema' appeared as the kelab tarian punya teacher advisor. she organized an audition for traditional malay dances. which i dont really understnd what for masa tu. so i joined lah ; for fun ;D.apparently Azie pun join ah. so the competition started to heated up. but sadly i tak dapat. sobs! i wasnt the traditional type kot? and i was kinda upset i tak dapat make her jadi sakit hati or something? haha. she got chosen with other 7 more girls. so i moved on.
tetiba one of the ''chosen one's'' cant join for some reason and backed out. i cant believe out of all the others pn.rema actually picked me to ganti her place! haha. happy happy! then the nightmare started. ==" i was alone there during practices. since i did'nt knew anyone of them. it was scarry!! its was like i was a stranger there. i tried my best to keep myself busy and to avoid thinking about the fact that i was alone.

Slowly, i got along with Lynn Tan! she was nice and in a same situation as me. until the competition, she was the only friend i have. masa saringan dekat sri aman. whoa! nervous macam OMG! haha. excited at the same time :) it was SMK Sultan Abdul Samads first time! no one knew how good samad dancers were. dance dance dance.. it was a miracle, we qualified and going to compete with the other 9 schools(i think) for the finals di Dewan Sivik! argh! blajar zapin ; pity abng eddie (he tot we wont qualify for finals) // who knew we would C; . new dance ; more things to memorize. within 2 weeks pulakk tu ==" haha.

Okayy, continuing, while buat rehearsal dekat dewan sivik, Azie started being nice to me. which was akward? ^^ but, well, nice? haha. we started being nice to each other and it was fun. dekat sekolah we tegur2 macam we were like best friends. ppl tak percaya that we were like okayy together?? so what? now, i like her a lot! she's practically my best friend in school! we did confess some stupid things we did a few years ago. but now, we're like sisters! hanging out together. and to think that i tot she was a meany bully. :D haha, i love her alot! thanks to festari.

my enemy turned out to be my future best friend.

loves! BFF <33 :)


  1. llallalalalalalalalalalaalal

  2. best giler cter u..bkn sebab i ke u dapat masuk tarian...hhaha xD gurau je lah