Thursday, November 27, 2008

sunway pyramid

went to sunway pyramid yesterday. it was funn.
10.15a.m: rizal and azhary tumpang my mum's car from amcorp.
10.45a.m:pick up my mifzal obed in kampung baru.
11.00a.m: on the way to sunway pyramid. yeay! :)

we arrived at around 11.30.
my mum gave me a hundred, daniel another hundred and for azhary and rizal fifty.
we shared the money in the end. haha.

so, dah sampai, rizal was hungry. pilih makan kfc for breakfast. -.-
makan makan makan. hanis baru sampai!

then, we went to buy movie tickets! we weren't that sure what to watch. but, in the end we decided to watch james bond. the so called womanizer.

haha. then, the fun started. ice skating! :)

paid an amount of RM129.
gloves: RM8 x3
Entrace fee: Rm21 x5
my size was 37 or 4 1/2 -.-
haha. me.
from left: me, ary, ijai and hanis.
credit to daniel. :)

at this time, i was tired dahh, so me, hanis and daniel wanted to wait outside and let rizal and azhary ice skate. so, went to see my mum just outside the skate ring.

mum: so early? had fun guys?
me: yeah. penat la mummy. i came out so that i can teman ijal. kesian.
mum: what if i take care of ijal, and you bring baby ice skating?
me: but but but, since we dah keluar, to get back in, must pay again.
mum: its ok, i'll pay for you.
me: omg! uh, ok. :)

so, we skated so more. weee.
hanis, me and baby.
paid anotherRm71
entrance fee:Rm21 x3
glove: Rm8 X1

so, movie time was at around 5pm. we stopped ice skating roughly at around 4.30. rizal was hungry, so we went to grab a bite at a&w (azhary's suggestion)

my mifzal obed sayangg. a.k.a my long lost husband. haha. :)
miss you already ijal <3
the guys : hanis, mifzal obed, rizal, azhary and daniel

movie ended around 7pm. *sigh* how time flies.

shopped at quiksilver for 30 minutes. :)
me and mifzal bought the limited edition 2009 organizer.
i bought the roxy organizer and he bought the quiksilver organizer.
yet, he's still complaining that his quiksilver organizer is filled with pictures of men sexy'ly posing. lol.
or in other sentence, he feels gay.
reminder: gay means happy :)

picture time :)
hanis and mifzal were..... entah la ape dorg buat.

oh, hanis wanted mifzal in the picture jugakk. -.-
uh? what's hanis doing? question mark
Roxy ;p

finally, hanis gave up on chasing mifzal.

sayang you guys!
ps: as a friend je eh. lol.

went back at 10.30pm after sending rizal, azhary, hanis and mifzal obed.

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  1. hahah..byk giler gambar..i like it..da lama xkuar mcm nih..ntah pape i kejar ijal..haha