Thursday, November 20, 2008

Madagascar at midnight

Yesterday was 19th november. out of all the times, my dad pilih nk tgk movie around 11.30 p.m!

We were only going out for dinner at the curve, then he was like 'do youu guys wanna watch a movie?'. and of course my siblings would say yess.

baby: yeay! movie movie. nak madagascar! nak madagascar! yang the escape to africa.
daniel: ok ok. ok je.
me: but but, i did'nt bring my sweater. sejukk kot dalam cinema.
daddy: tahan je la sweetie pie. sejuk sikit je. if its too cold, cuddle with daniel.

eew. -.- yeah right. as if i nak cuddle with my 13 year old brother. haha.

lol. so he went to buy tckts or something. my dad suruh shopping kjap while waiting. ==" and out of all the days, tell me why he chooses to let me shop on this day and at this particullar time. why not in the morning where "kedai baru nk bukak". it was like 9.30p.m after dinner and he finally bagi shop. kedai dah macam hampir tutup. hmph! but my mum masih smpt beli 'clarks'. haha. RM200++. pink coloured sandals. but it was cantik and comfy. so its worth it, i guess, to my mum. :D plann nk pakai kadang2 since my kaki same size dengan my mum. hampir2 laa. weee... sharing is caring. lol.

okayy, kedai tutup around 10pm. so we have to wait another 1 hour and 30 minutes. what to do? haha.

baby: MAKAN McDonald's!

we just ate dinner, and she's still hungry. ape la. so order je la the 'move it' punya ice cream fries burger. haha. while waiting. makan je la. nk buat apa lagi enn? sahh gemukk nnti :) haha.
makan, makan, makan.
whoa! kenyang :D haha. then walk up to cineplex, another 5 minutes starting baby pulakk nk popcorn. ==" to think that babies have small tummies. haaha.

cry cry, happy happy, aww moment, laugh laugh, text someone, funny crazy things, touching, happy ending :D
ps: popcorn tak habiss :)

the movie was nice. a MUST WATCH movie. hee. it was around 1.15a.m when it finished. best gila k tengok mall empty. boleh buat scarry movie. C: lol. balik time. semua yawning in the car. haha. bestt!

sampai rumah // dush, sleepy time :)


  1. haha. madagascar....

  2. i like to move it..
    i like to move it..
    i like to move it..
    i like to move it..
    i like to move it..

    haha sian daniel xleh nk cuddle dgn u..haha kalau i boleh meh?? haha ngade gile i..