Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

haha. Happy Birthday sayang! from the second i woke up, cepat2 cari phone then i text her! haha. tetiba excited. lol. XD

me:happy happy birthdayy sayang! um um.. may all yourr dreams come true and and... panjang umur je lahh. :D iloveyouu<33

zakiah: haha. thanks babe. =]

me:[time ni i dah xtau nk reply apa, so pause kejapp. malam continue] lol.

She's been my best friend since form 2 weyh! well, sejakk i pindah sini lahh =D when im in trouble, she'll always be the 1st to know. and not to forget, she like's giving nicknames to everyone! haha. miss the old days ;)

zakiah: accounts class: 4 D
me: Pure science: 4C

sayang gila dekatt youu ok? walaupun kadang2 agakk mengada. haha. loves <33

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