Sunday, April 6, 2014

Am i your Cinderella?

Source: The Butterfly Project

So, whats this post about really? well its about the Butterfly Project and Havaianas Malaysia kicking off, looking for their Cinderella with a fun blogging activity! To win your very own limited edition Havaianas Summer Kit, which consist of premium artist flip flop along with a matching towel, all you need to do is follow the steps below. 

1. Blog about the Havaianas Summer Kit
2. Tell us in your blog why you want it!
3. Mention your shoe size so we know if the shoe fits 

To join this giveaway click here Ends on 6th April, 2014.

What do the Havaianas Summer Kit look like? Well, here's a photo of it and don't they look gorgeous? *Major drool* Now in case you're planning to get a pair for yourself, here's the thing, you actually can't. Theres only 20 pairs in Malaysia and they're not for sale. I know, I'm very sad myself too ): But well, here i am, trying my luck to win a pair of these gorgeous flip-flops to be one of my own. The Butterfly Project was lucky enough to score 2 pairs to be given away, and todays the closing date! So if you think you can still blog within 2 hours, you can try. 

Source: The Female mag

Whats so special about these babies? Well, the perks of being a design student, these flip-flops are one of a kind.  After doing some intensive research on their collection, the Illustrations redone by work-renowned American illustrator Gil Elvgren. And boy, his illustrations are amazing, symbolising a typical woman being a goddess without even trying. Who wouldn't want to own these pairs? Well, can't keep my hopes up too high, but i'll keep my fingers crossed. And if you haven't seen Gil Elvgren's artworks before, here are some of my personal favourites. 

That Low Down Feeling, 1957 - Gil Elvgren
Up in the Air (Wooooooosh) - Gil Elvgren 1965

Gil Elvgren - Girls on the Beach Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)
Effortless don't you think? His artwork focusses on the womanly features of a woman and i think he really showed the world how whatever we girls do, we don't even have to try hard to look good (; Well, why do i want these pairs for my own? Simple! Its because i simply love Gil Elvgren, and to own one of these flip-flops by havaianas would be a true blessing as a sign that i have to appreciate my curves of simply being a woman. I mean, after looking at his artworks, it shows how real a woman should really looks like, rather than a size zero to symbolise 'sexy'. You can see from the size of the thighs and the tummy area are what makes any woman looks natural shown in his artwork, and i believe that in every woman, we need that confidence to be proud of what we have. RIGHT GIRLS?! :) I wear a size 5 or an average 37 btw. And here is an edited photo just for fun. 

Source: Annie Leibovitz/
Featuring Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella, and Havaiana's as the glass slipper.

Oh, and if you need reference, you can check out Butterfly Project or Havaianas 

Hope you enjoy reading this, till then. xx

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