Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Great Guardian Make Over ‘My Date with Beauty’

My tickets to the event.
What: My Date with Beauty 
Where: 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Ground Floor, Centre Court
When: 6th April 2014, 11am-7pm

Hello, so here's whats up! I was at this years Great Guardian Makeover at One Utama Shopping Centre, and the theme was " My Date with Beauty". So basically what is it about? Pretty much a date with beauty, literally! How did i get to be a part of the event? Didn't really have to try hard actually. Pretty much for anyone who wants to join. To be a part of the event is simple, basically you need to purchase above RM20 of any of the participating brand, at guardian, and then you will entitled to purchase the Make Over ticket for only RM10.

Whats in for paying RM10? Well, participants will be given a makeover, a goodie bag and a personalised mini photo to bring home. For RM10, i think its pretty much  fair deal don't you think so? Plus, since its happening on a weekend, why not add some fun in the agenda. Woop woop! So, the makeover will be done by a dedicated team from A Cut Above Academy, and we were given options to choose from! Below would be some of the options that we were given for the makeover.

The Guardian Goodie Bag (psstt, it was pretty heavy too)

Hairstyle Menu, i picked braided curls.

Make-Up Menu, i picked glam.

This is me getting my hair done.

And this is me, getting my make up done.
And the results: 

After Hair do, Before Make Up

After Hair do + Make Up

So what do you think about my transformation? I feel like a butterfly, flying away from the event when its all over. And thats not all! We had to go through a photo session after, but i didn't really like the photo so much. Even so, definitely worth spending my sunday at the event. Love the hair, the make up, such fabulousity! Wouldn't you agree with me?

And after all that was done and over with, i still had time to shop around the area as they were having promotions on products by participating brands. There were 18 participating brands, which were L'oreal Paris, Maybelline New York, Avene, Bio Essence, Alcon, BioGrow Oat BG22, Biore, Blackmores, Brands, Bermatic, Enchanteur, Hada Labo, Nano White, Neutrogena, Nivea, Oslee, Palmer's and also Safi. They had major promotions, and i had my eyes on Maybelline actually. Bought a lot of amazing stuff at a fraction of the price. *doubledrools* 

Oh, did i mention what was in the goodie bag? TONS OF THINGS! And its definitely worth more than what i paid for. So much win! 

Goodie Bag Goods.

Ok, i promise this is the last thing i'll be talking about. After the event, i had this 'small' photoshoot and here are some of the shots. Nothing special, but its more of an hashtag OOTD post. hehe. 

My hashtag outfit of the day. #ootd
My favourite shot.
Well, i promised that this would be the last (for now that is). hehe. I really had fun at my date with beauty. And Guardian, if you're reading this, THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AMAZING TIME! Will be looking forward for the next event you're hosting. And I'm glad to be a part of the great guardian make over.

much love,
Aliza Sara

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