Thursday, April 3, 2014

Parkson x Tongue in Chic’s So You Think You Can Style 2014 Challenge

What: Parkson teamed up with us to host So You Think You Can Style, where contestants battle against each other in a styling challenge, with just 10 minutes to style their models.
Where: Level 4, Parkson, Pavilion KL.
When: 22nd March 2014

So, this is it, the moment of truth. It was pretty nerve wrecking i must say. Thank god i had Carolyn and Carrine by my side to keep my cool, love you girls! Anyway, lets start from the moment i woke up, which was at 9.00am, dressed up and drove straight to pavilion as we were suppose to be there by 10.15am for a short briefing.

The minute i arrived, and coincidently met Carolyn and Carrine there at the same time, we saw our fashionable 'competitors' and boy i must say, they look amazing (salute). Some even brought their luggage bags along to the event, which made it even more crazier. I could tell most of them were in it for the win. So we had our walk around Parkson to make sure all of us knew where everything was.

Then we separated into our groups and had to get our models done with make up by some sponsors.

Carrine getting her makeup done by Kanebo.

Since Carrine was busy, why not take a selfie. (Don't be hating)

Carrine's hair done by mua and Carolyn. 
After make up was done and over with, we had to be prepared, and be on stand by at 1pm at the event area. Feeling nervous as ever, and with our nervous as ever faces, we got some supporters dropping by the event area to keep the hype up for us (Thanks for coming guys), lucky to have such amazing friends.
Asyraf BR, thank you for coming!

From left: Carrine, Me, Carolyn, Thayjis Amar and YuKee
And since the actual event starts at 2pm, we had to roughly wait another hour for the event. and gosh, the feeling was indescribable! We had this view of the rack area and had no idea what did we just signed up for. To think there are only 6 racks and 35 other participants, I'm very sure its going to be hectic. Theres actually a video of the whole grabbing scene, to watch the video, please click here. And if you have already watched the video, you can see me half falling towards one side. haha. people there were crazy i tell you (and I'm one of them) . whoops

The competition was broken down into 3 main challenges:
1. Pick 6 Parkson Pavilion items (1 of which will have to be a bag) under 2 minutes.
2. Style your models under 10 minutes.
3. Models to strut their best stride on the runway.

The racks of unknown clothes
Anyway, throughout the whole, I'm sure you're wondering what our outcome was. well, it wasn't easy i tell you to be grabbing clothes like pirañas under 2 minutes, and i didn't grabbed much as everything was gone in less than 5 seconds, and since i have a petite body, having people pushing around wouldn't be a problem. So imagine, with the amount of adrenaline rush we had, and with an outcome of clothing lines for men, and also a bustier and a dress. yes, a weird combination, but we had to improvise.
Photo credits to Tongue in Chic:
Left is one of the contestants
Right is Carrine in her outfit.
To be honest, with what we grabbed, it actually looks pretty good right? It wasn't easy i must say, but we did our best, at least it looks like a complete outfit and the experience of being there was super fun! We didn't really win top 3, to win amazing prizes, but yes, the top 3 deserved it, it was massive hardcore styling (hands down).

The results: Congratulations to the Top 3 winners: Team 10, 11 and 4! Team 11
The event ended at 4pm and it we really had fun throughout the whole day, thank you Tongue in Chic for giving us an amazing opportunity to be apart of this event. Meeting new people and familiar faces is one of the best part of the event. Thank you so much. Well, thats all for now. Looking forward for other events. Thank you to everyone else who supported us on that day. much love xx.

One last group photo of Team 2.
And guess what, its featured on TongueInChic too! Click here to proceed to site.

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