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If you're wondering what #MSMYSS14 stands for, its actually Miss Selfridge, Malaysia, Spring Summer 2014 and generally the hashtag is the official has tag for the event. Was lucky enough to be invited to the fashion show, the fact that i actually enjoy the environment, especially the high end fashion stylers. Not to forget to dress up for events, thats one of the most exciting things to do when you attend an event.

What: The Miss Selfridge, Spring Summer Fashion Show 2014
Where: Centre Court, Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall
When: 7pm

So, as usual, shots were taken as you enter, and not that i look fabulous or anything, but i felt like going tribal orange. Here's a shot of what I'm wearing:

What I'm wearing: Alexander Wang - Diego Bucket Bag, Wallis - Tribal Dress, Diva - Accessoriess and H&M - Metal Back Heels.

Coincidently, the new collection for miss selfridge was all about, glitter, tribal and pastel. So i guess i was somewhat in theme. (YAY ME!) Anyway, special celebrity guess who attended the fashion show were:

Special local celebrity Guest: Gan Mei Yan, Jun Yong (Emcee), Isabella Kuan, Cathryn Li, Juwei Teoh

Stage Setting.

Opening Ceremony, make up by She Uemura on Isabella Kuan.
The people attending the event.
Well, if you're not sure who there are, you should click here on their names to find out more. Jun Yong, Isabella Kuan, Cathryn Li, Juwei Teoh. Moving on, here are some shots of some of my favourite outfits.

So, my love at first sight was i think i know what you're thinking, YES, the mint fishtail dress. OMG, its was love i tell you! Couldn't keep my eyes off it when it was on the run way. So guess what? i did something pretty crazy. I went to Miss Selfridge after the show, then tried the dress out since i loved it so much. if you're wondering how it looks like, here how it looks like on me.

Gorgeous aint it? It was pretty costly too since its Miss Selfridge. But boy i love the dress so much. AND to make it worst, it was the last one! So after 30 minutes of thinking, and deciding, i told myself to just get it. AND I DID! It was worth my one month pay, but money comes and go, so i guess its not too big of a deal.

Guess who i met at the event?

My fabulous personal shopper, Denver Leong. 
And if you're wondering, here are my dates for the event.

Thayjis Amar and Chai Yu Kee.
Well thats all for now, i hope you enjoyed reading this post. Till my next post alright?

Aliza Sara

++ Image Credits
Chai Yu Kee

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