Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wacoal The Store Opening Launch in Fahrenheit88

What: Opening Launch of Wacoal The Store
Where: Fahrenheit88, Ground Floor
When: 1pm - 4pm

Actually i received an email a week ago on the event, and i was super honoured to be attending the event.  Basically the Wacoal Opening Launch was an eventful event as this particular store is the first Wacoal stand alone store in Malaysia. A big accomplishment for Wacoal, congrats to Wacoal! So here are some photos on the event, and guess what the snacks were? CANDY! Im a sucker for candy. They had marshmallows, Jelly Beans, Cupcakes, gummy candies and more.

Noticed whats behind the cupcake? OH YES! Thats our Miss Malaysia winner in 2013, presenting Melinder Bhullar!
Yummier than the cupcake? YOU BET!

So basically managed to get myself a photo with Miss Malaysia, aint she beauts? The event officially started with a speech by the Wacoal representer who flew all the way from Japan. And then followed by celebrity guest who were there to launch the store. OH, not to forget their live mannequins too. Gorgeous mannequins, tall and so REAL.

Whats an event without mandatory photos of mua at the event? hehe. So here are some shots of me taken during the event. From photos with live mannequins to a photo with the Miss Malaysia 2013.

Mannequin number 1
With Melinder Bhullar, a.k.a Miss Malaysia 2013.
(Didn't realise we had the same style in posing. hehe) 

Mennequin number 2

Sorry if my photos we're THAT entertaining, but i couldn't really take too much photos at the time. My bad. Anyways, i would like to thank wacoal for having me at the event, and also for being an amazing lingerie seller to suit any women needs in the world. Not to forget to thank you for the goodie bag as well. What was in the goodie bag was a voucher worth RM30, a pink purse by Wacoal and also super comfy Wacoal panties! Loving every one of it. Thank you Wacoal. xx

Oh well, thats all for now. Hope you enjoyed reading about the event. If you would like to personally check out their store, here's the address for your convenience.

Wacoal The Store

Lot 1-38, First Floor, Fahrenheit88,
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel 03 2141 0845

much love, tata for now.

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