Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[REVIEW] Eyelash Extensions ; Pink Passion The Signature Salon

Notice anything different? 
If you've met me recently, especially to those who see me pretty often, i know you guys are wondering why do i look extra stunning? HAHA. Okay, i kids. Cant a girl get a whole of herself every once in a while? hehe. But yes, im not kidding about the amount of compliments i've been getting for the past week. So here i am, sharing to you my not so dirty little secret.

BEFORE the Eyelash Extensions.
BEFORE the Eyelash Extensions.
BEFORE the Eyelash Extensions.
The truth is, i got my eyelashes extended! So yeah, thats why i was looking all girly bashing my eyelashes everywhere. Why did i get my eyelashes done? Well, its because its October, aka the pink month for breast cancer awareness. The Butterfly Project has partnered with Pink Passion to raise eyes for breast cancer awareness! Pink Passion has agreed to provide a special price for you lovely readers to get your eyelash extension with 10% of it to be donated to Pink Ribbon.

How the outlet looks like.
So Pink Passion's The Signature Salon is located in PJ area, somewhere near Sunway Mas and its very easy to spot the salon as the entire shop looks very pink from the outside. The minute i entered, i was told to remove my shoes and i wore their in house slippers to make me feel more at home + hygiene was well controlled too! As i was waiting for them to get ready for my session, i also saw a few reviews of other bloggers who did their eyelash extensions at Pink Passion too, since 2013. No doubt that they have kept a good reputation with their customers! hehe

Some photos and reviews from previous customers.

And time for the moment of truth, i have to say that i was REALLY nervous to get my eyelashes done for the first time since i wasnt sure what to expect. I was brought to a private room which had dimmed lights and was instructed to lie down on the bed upwards. So before the session started, i was given a choice to choose how long do i want my extensions to be, from 8mm,10mm, or 12mm. I decided to ask for their opinion, and the beautician told me to go for the 10mm for a more natural but viewable result. hehe.

The private room for customers.
The session took about 45 minutes, and i had a good rest by having my eyes kept close while someone else was glueing lashes on my eyes. YAY! I guess the first few minutes my eye lids were not used to having it to be touched, but since she told me to relax, i decided to take a nap. And once it was done, i was directly brought to the front desk to check it out in the mirror.

AFTER the Eyelash Extensions.
AFTER the Eyelash Extensions.
Still not used to my lashes, but i have to say that i do look all dolled up dont you think so? The beautician was nice enough to tell me how to take care of it too before i left. She said that when removing makeup like eyeshadow, its best to use a cotton but instead of a cotton pad to make sure the lashes last longer. How thoughtful. The whole session was painless, and very professional!

And here are the rewards for my readers as a thank you for reading my blog :) Instead of paying the full priced, you guys get to get your eyelashes extended at RM88 + a 1 free days satisfaction guranteed. *STEAL*. All you need to do is flash this blog post, or print the voucher out to redeem yourself a session at RM88 ONLY.

So how do you like my new look? ;)
Hurry cause this voucher will last only till the 15th of December for you to be able to redeem! Get your eyelashes on point without applying any mascara or eyeliner ;) hehe. And of course, youre welcome :* For more infomation do checkout their Official Website, or their Facebook Page ok?

Sara xx

Location of // Pink Passion
Sunway Mas Branch
37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Center
47100 Petaling Jaya,

For enquiries // appointments
Tel: 03-7805 7285


  1. Your eyes look extra stunning babe! <3

  2. helllloooooo.... gorgeous..... you got lovely eyelashes..... Oh my...... I need some too considering my pathetic short ones...