Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunway Lagoon ; Night Of Fright 3

Feeling creeped out as the sun sets.
OMG, like finally i managed to spare some time to pay a visit to the all hype spooky Night Of Fright which is happening for the 3rd time this year. Never really got the guts to check it out myself, but thanks to Sunway Lagoon for having me last night, i got to face my fears. Well, sort of. haha. In conclusion, I SURVIVED THE NIGHT!

My tickers and a map of the theme park.
Merchandises available inside and outside the theme park.
As the gates opened at 7.30pm, the crowd who were already lining outside for the past half an hour, were rushing to enter the spooky theme park at night. Even i was excited to figure out whats the theme park like at night. And of course, if you forgot the dress up that night, you dont need to worry cause props are sold at the theme park too! And the costume props starts at as low as RM6, pretty reasonable ey?

Meet Mr Chaos and Mrs Havoc
Spot the celebrities in this photo if you can
Basically what made the night special was that we had celebrities attending the event, having Brandon Ho, Kit Mah, Nigel Chin, Kevin Chong, Diyana and Magdeline Wang to contribute to this night of horror to the guest of the theme park. Managed to spot a few, but i have to admit that they look really scary and totally in character. A show was performed at 8pm by Mr. Chaos and his team to show off his new beautiful bride for the night, Mrs Havoc. Take a picture with them when you get the chance to.

This really creeped me out. I wasnt daring enough to walk near him.
And later after the show, me and my date for the night decided to go deeper into the park to get a glimpse of what the theme park has in store for us. But the park really did a good job to have these "body guards" to guard the path way to another dimension of horror. Pass them if you dare, but i advise to you to not run, cause if you do, they will definitely chase you! *screams*

As you enter, you will be greeted with these pumpkins marking that its the season of Halloween.
Trying to look like im the Queen of Halloween. Not too bad huh? 
Photo spots are available everywhere, which does not ensure that you or your photographer would be safe. Since there are monsters lurking around, you might have an extra friend in your photo. I even managed to take a photo at their Death Port where you can decide to hang yourself maybe? haha.

The spooky Sadako Dori lane.
Well, as for the haunted attractions, you can decide to check out the Sadako Dori, and when youre on the way there, you will be able to visit the pumpkin king and maybe take photos with him before he starts carving your face instead. Also met a friendlier Pirate Jack's Locker O' Lanterns, where he sells some snacks and drink for you to quench your thirst after running away from monsters.

Some Japanese ghost.
Sadako Dori will never fail to shock you as you look down a well which was SOOO creepy! But we managed to take a shot with her. Gotta be brave when youre there, cause if youre not, you'll most probably be chased by these ghost and monsters! Chills were definitely in the air that night. Even as you are lining up for the haunted attractions, you will still have evil lurking around to share the guts out of you.

5 minute theatre.
Pudu Jail 2 ; A must visit
The highlight of the night, TOXIC; a spooky devastated wasteland where chainsaws are in the hands of evil.
Almost the feelings of walking through the maze of the pyramid filled with curses.
There are a total of 6 haunted mazes that you could go for while youre there. But i think i was too chicken to go for all of it, since you hear screaming everywhere! I managed to cover Horrorwood Studios 1 & 2, Zombie Apocalypse, and Mummy's Revenge: Tomb of Terror in 3D. That was literally more than enough of fright for me that night. But if you are in for the real deal, be sure to drop by Pudu 2 or Toxic, where you have a choice to experience being in Pudu Jail with dead prison breakers, or be chased by a chainsaw. Even the sound of the chainsaw that night was loud enough to scare me!

Be sure to stay de-hydrated with some blood!
But its actually Ribena and Blueberry. The Blueberry was YUMS!
Absolutely cute packaging.
It would not be a night to forget as it will haunt you for at least a week! But if im scaring you too much, just to make you feel better, you are NOT suppose to touch the ghost, and they wont touch you. So as long as you got your brave game face on, you dont have to be worried being attacked by zombies, ghosts, aliens or scary monsters. If you lost any blood along the way (kidding), you can also  get your dose of blood to keep yourself re-hydrated, and it comes in a really cool pouch too!

Tia Dalma with her Tarrot cards telling guest their fortune.
I wasnt daring enough to go for this cause i hate spiritual contact.
Get your face painted looking like the joker maybe?
You can even get your fortune told by Tia Dalma, or get your face painted to blend in with the monsters of the night if you want to warn off evil. But do take note that if you want to get your face painted, be sure to be there early, as the line builds up pretty fast!

Dont be surprise to see him in the dark
This is one fast ghost running around the park
And here is another ghost looking all lonely.
Scary ghost, freak shows, the dead and more will be lurking around to find their prey, but i'll tell you a secret that i do to be sure that they dont scare me first. Everytime you see a ghost approaching to you, be sure to stay calm, and tell a friend of yours to take your picture with them. They would be more than happy to take pictures with you, and wonder off to find another prey. haha. It worked for me, so i managed to take a few shots with some freakishly creppy ghouls of the night.

This chinese ghost was almost going to poke me for my blood.
Here's me and Wendy trying to act look scared.
Ignore the face please. I was really scared at the time. haha
 Well, as it got darker at night, the theme park became more quiet. So if you dare to stay even after closing hours, be sure to look at every corner where evil may be hiding. I left at about 10.30pm even though it closes at 11.30pm, because i wasnt daring enough to face more of my fears. Be sure to dress up and join the fun to attend Nights of Frights 3* at RM58 per person while enjoying unlimited rides that are available throughout the night.

*Recommended for guest above 12 years. Visitors are allowed to dressed in their spookiest costumes but are not allowed to wear face masks or theatrical make up to the event.

This will also run throughout the month of October ONLY, so be sure to pay them a visit before its too late! Please also note that its only available on the 2nd, 3rd, 8th - 10th, 15th - 17th, 22nd - 24th, and 29th - 31st October 2015, from 7.30pm till 11.30pm.

For more information, be sure to or And i hope you do get to experience this night fill with frights like i did. If you feel like getting into the Halloween spirit, you will definitely enjoy this spooktacular night.

Sara xx


  1. Very scary looking! I hope you didn't get nightmares that night. Hehe!

  2. no go on this night but I recall this night I eat late dinner. I have late dinner that I can't sleep in night haha..

  3. Hahaha... You sure looked like you had a lot of fun... And hell... You were bolder then me... I have not even stepped into this Horrorwood Studios... Lol

  4. Hahaha... You sure looked like you had a lot of fun... And hell... You were bolder then me... I have not even stepped into this Horrorwood Studios... Lol

  5. Hahaha... You sure looked like you had a lot of fun... And hell... You were bolder then me... I have not even stepped into this Horrorwood Studios... Lol

  6. Omg such a spoiler post hahaha coz im going thete next week :P cant wait!!

  7. Wow!
    So brave.
    If it was me, just running around with eyes closed.

  8. OMG!!! im not that brave to go there...huhu..if u pay hundreds ringgit also, i wont go there...scary ooooo....

  9. i think as I get old I can't brace myself through this hahhaha...

  10. omg i am not that brave. perhaps i be fainted there

  11. Think I'll go when I'm looking for monsters to attack. LOL. Just like how instead of running away from the Zombies in zombie run, we attack them... make them run from us. It's fun!

    Good to be training for The Walking Dead. In case it does happen.

  12. scary! i don't want to see these ghouls, they look like seriously real haha

  13. I don't think I dare to go because I have weak heart. I am too scared.

  14. The event was so much fun, had great time there with my bunch of friends too :)

  15. Looks more fun than scary!,I'm going on the 31st :D can't wait!

  16. This one looks scary. However I can see that you are enjoying yourself there :)

  17. I'm truly very scared.. That's y I didn't go. hahah~

  18. wah looks damn scary leh not for the faint hearted people for sure!

  19. Looks like a fun event Aliza ;) The characters are spot on with their makeup too - hope you had a fab time ;)