Saturday, October 31, 2015

StyleTribute's First Pop-Up Store in Malaysia

Bringing exciting news to fashion enthusiast in Malaysia, StyleTribute travelled all the way from Singapore to reach out to Malaysians. StyleTribute is an online destination for pre-loved luxury fashion pieces which are made available at a fraction of the price. So imagine getting a Prada bag which is worth RM12,600 at only RM2,400 instead? Have caught your attention yet? Hehe.

The Set Up
So, if you would like to get more hands on, you can drop by their Pop-Up Store happening at Vineria, Bangsar Shopping Centre. I was at their official launch, so i managed to take some pictures just so that you guys have a preview of what to expect. Also, i warn you that you might be SO TEMPTED to actually spend while youre there. I know i was. haha

Start drooling girls
Chanel classics were available too
Spot your favourite
Balenciaga cluthes were available too
Being surrounded by Chanel, Celine, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, Prada and more, it was hard to resist myself from getting my hands on it. So if you love branded goods, be sure to pop by and maybe you could bring something home instead of waiting for it through postage.

Some dresses which some were 90% off!
More options
They even had luxury brand pre-loved clothes, which are in excellent condition, and checked if it was authentic. I also heard that some were even never worn, which makes it entirely brand new! I knew i saw a Prada Tweed Jacket at RM300++ from RM2,600! And it was a really stunning piece i truly admired.

They are available online!
But if youre feeling a little lazy to pop by, why not get a preview online instead? Yep, available online to make it convenient for you to shop. What is there not to love right? They have a variety of clothing's, bags, shoes and accessories from various brands, which are available online, so if you spot anything that you fancy, be sure to grab it FAST because they will literally disappear when you come back the next time.

Shoes on ST.
You can also shop based on designer for easy navigation.
If you happen to have your own luxury goods which you would want to sell, well good news! because you can sell it here. They also created StyleTribute as a platform to sell luxury goods. There is a saying that a persons trash could be another persons treasure. And by treasure, i mean looking and feeling expensive without spending too much.

You can also decide to sell your goods too.
Well, be sure to get a taste of their luxury pieces at a fraction of the price. Imagine that the discount are up to 90% OFF! So if youre lucky, you could possibly get your hands on a dress or a bag at less than RM400, in excellent condition. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to make your way and start hunting! Here an ootd of me and the girls looking pretty darn fine at the launch. Hehe

#OOTD with the ladies
Well, i'll leave the decisions to you and be sure to drop by while you still have the chance to! They'll be in Vineria Bangsar Shopping Centre, from the 28th of October until the 3rd of November 2015. Do visit when you have the time, and check out some possibly new products that might be your dream bag.

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  1. Dayummmm girl...I love shopping for preloved stuff because you can find tons of interesting finds at great prices. Thanks for the heads up! Will check them out soon.

  2. They got all what women want 😂😂😂😂

    What about men's stuff? They got them too?

  3. They got all what women want 😂😂😂😂

    What about men's stuff? They got them too?

  4. Wow thats alot luxurious pieces! Looks like i should check out their store too

  5. totally recommending this site to my sis, she loves luxury bags.

  6. the colourful bag I like so much, how much is it?
    Wow.. last pic is good! Look at you all, all happy faces and smiles :D

  7. Shopping for Pre-Loved items is fantastic but one question is, is there any authentication that the items we buy is real? I've experieced once where an item I bought from LV in Singapore was cut to shreds in an LV shop in Paris because it turned out that the item is a fake.

  8. I agree with Mike though. Is there a way to check the authenticity? Just coz they say the products are authentic, don't mean we can trust them 100%. But then, if it is real, then the price are super good, especially if the products are in good condition.

  9. Wah time to hunt for my Christmas presents. Tempted to get a handbag too.

  10. time to hint someone to get for my birthday.. hehe... i want a handbag and this would be a perfect choice to pay a visit.

  11. Big love! Still in time to get my Christmas gift hehehe!

  12. The Online Destination for Preloved Luxury Fashion, I foresee that I'm going to spend a lot of time surfing around the website hehe :)

  13. Oh wow... what an amazing find... preloved luxury fashion.. now we can afford some high ends finally!!!!

  14. Oh wow... what an amazing find... preloved luxury fashion.. now we can afford some high ends finally!!!!

  15. It is good that sites like St are coming up now. It is easier to shop for designer goods, and for a much cheaper price too. Not to mention the wait.
    Now, it is time for me to shop for the Xmas gifts!