Saturday, October 17, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign ; Estee Lauder

Starting line.
Good afternoon everyone. Sorry for the spam on facebook on how i spent my morning today. Instead of spamming even more, i decided to write it down here to those who may be interested to know more about the campaign. Personally, i am truly honoured to be a part of the campaign, spreading Awareness on Breast Cancer thanks to Estee Lauder. I have family members and friends who are fighting very strong, and its truly inspiring to know that they have what it takes to be survivor.

Mandatory before race photo. (i know, my skirt attracted a lot of attention >.<)
The Estee Lauder Companies believes in one goal, which is to unite as one and come together against the disease. From creating awareness to sharing inspirational stories, joining forces in fundraising activities to honouring the fundamentals of the global Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) campaign.

Filling up the front rows
The theme this year introduces the caption that 'every action counts' and i can relate to that in so many ways, cause no matter how big or small your contribution is, it still means a lot to another person. By doing this, it invites people from all around the world to take action to bring us to a closer world without the disease. Action can be in any form, from wearing a pink ribbon, reminding to schedule yearly appointments, donations, effort on research, having volunteers, every action truly has meaning and when we join together, we're stronger together.

Warm Up session by Fitness First
So, the event started with a warm up session to prevent any injuries during the cycle, and a welcome speech by Paul Shalvin who is the current Managing Director of Estee Lauder Malaysia. He kept it short and sweet by proudly announcing that this happens to be Estee Lauder's first interactive digital experience campaign, where the photos, videos or message posted in regards of the #BCAstrength, will be unveiled worldwide on World Cancer Day, February 4, 2016. Woohoo!

And let the race begin!
The flag off was at 6.45am, where there were over 500 participants who were more than excited to start their journey of cycling 12km in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign by Estee Lauder.

Never thought i would be cycling on the highway :p
Upon reaching Dataran Merdeka, breath taking view.
I have to say that i really enjoyed my cycle around the route and as we reached Dataran Merdeka, that marks that we were half way through the route already! Each participant got a bottle of water to de-hydarate themselves, and because the road was not entirely blocked ahead, we were given a break for about 15 minutes to wait for the road to be safe. With 15 minutes, i actually managed to get some photos at the beautiful historic building located in the heart of KL. hehe. Like, why not right?

A participant finishing the race.
Happily reaching the finish line, being the first few to complete the route (YAY), i managed to enjoy the lovely pink set up at the event. Since my bicycle was rented, i had to send it back to the suppliers, and along the way, i got my certificate and goody bag too! Kudos to the management team, cause everything was so well organised.

A token were given to sponsors.
Before the event ended, we had a photo opportunity of the sponsors which made today happen! Then afterwards, they announced the 25 Lucky Draw winners who were lucky enough to get themselves a basket filled with Starbuck goods.

Mid Valley, South Court exhibition area.
You get to bring back pink ribbons too!
If you missed out on the event, fret not cause you'll still have today (17th Oct 2015) and tomorrow (18th Oct 2015) to visit Mid valley to join the cause by taking pictures and #BCAstrength at their exhibition, with a bonus of having your photo printed on the spot!

Some souvenirs for the day :)
Or if you prefer bringing an Exclusive Pink Merchandises by Estee Lauder which are sold throughout the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, whereby the proceeds will go towards charity, then be sure to visit any Estee Lauder counters in Malaysia! Got myself the Estee Lauder Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley Dream Pink Collection at RM116 which includes a pink cross body strap bag and features 3 mini Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick. Definitely in love, because these would be perfect for my travelling adventures.

Got myself a medal and a cert for completing the race. hehe
Thanks for reading and be sure to visit Estee Lauder Malaysia's Official Website or their Official Facebook Page to keep yourself updated with their amazing campaigns. I hope you enjoyed reading this humble blogpost of mine, cause i truly enjoyed writing for this amazing cause.

Much love,
Sara xx


  1. Oh... It's a cycling event... How cute... But I would be the last one if I joined... I can't cycle!!!

  2. Oh... It's a cycling event... How cute... But I would be the last one if I joined... I can't cycle!!!

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