Sunday, October 11, 2015

KL Tower ; A must visit when youre in Kuala Lumpur

How was your weekend? Cause i really cant wait to tell you about mine! I was given the oppurtunity to check out the KL Tower, which has evolved so much since my last visit. I dont even know where to start! hehe. There were so many attractions and things to do when youre around the KL tower, from visiting their mini zoo, check out their forest reserve,  get a taste of Malaysia, F1 Stimulators and more! Tourist and visitors would be spoilt with choices while theyre there.

Entrance to KL Tower's Mini Zoo
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As i reached the KL Tower, we were given a stroll around their KL Tower Mini Zoo which had a variety of rare animals like Meerkats, Racoons, Falabella's and more! This was my first time here, and i was impressed to be able to catch animals that i've never seen before. Here are some photos of the animals that i managed to captured.

The variety of animals you can spot at the Mini Zoo.
Spotted some feathery animals looking happy.
Spot the Bat-eared fox. hehe
Get up close with squirrels and other furry creatures.
Ella, a blogger happily feeding a bird.
9 months old babies.
And this i presume could be the father of the birds. hehe. (looking fierce)
Dont you think they look happy being in their own natural habitat. You would definitely not regret walking around this mini zoo which can easily take up to 1 hour of your time to enjoy the animals running around freely, wanting to be pet by visitors. hehe. A great place to bring kids too!

The Longkang Fishing Pond
Trying my luck to catch some fishes.
The outdoor seating are to enjoy nature.
They even had a Longkang Fishing pond, where kids can try their luck to catch a fish, and they're able to bring the fish home if they catch any! I tried to give myself a go, but i must say that it was rather challenging to catch the fishes :( So no luck! But it was a lot of fun trying to catch them. hehe

Entrance to The Blue Coral Aquarium
There's also a souvenir shop!
Next stop, the Blu Coral Aquarium which was great stop right after visiting the mini zoo. The mini zoo was a great way to enjoy the humid weather here in Malaysia, but cooling off in an air conditioned environment would be great to get rid of the sweat. hehe. Here are some photos of what you can find when youre at the Blue Coral Aquarium:

The pathway in the aquarium.
Underwater creatures spotted.
From tiger fishes, sea cumbers, corals, and more, you will definitely learn a thing or two about underwater creatures of the sea. And do not worry if youre not a fan of sea creatures, but youre interested to know about them, each aquarium will have a description of the species and where can they be found. A great entertaining visit to expand your knowledge. hehe

Descriptions available.
Once thats done and over, now for the real deal! hehe. How can you visit KL Tower and not be in the KL Tower itself right? If youre there for the view, well you have 2 choices of how you would want to enjoy the view. Its either you decide to visit their Open Sky Deck or their Viewing deck.

Open Sky Deck
Well the Open Sky Deck is literal being out in the open, and it felt like you could be on top of the world. But please take note that if you have kids with you, they need to be above 12 years old to be able to visit the Open Deck. I absolutely love the scenery. And despite the haze, i could still see everything! Its amazing to see my own country has gone so far with evolution.

Playing around with their 3D art.
Enjoying the scenery.
Managed to enjoy their 3D interactive art while enjoying the breathtaking view. Dont you think the view is just stunning?! Its a really nice spot to enjoy Kuala Lumpur by being away from all the traffic, the chaos and the busy city life. Next stop, the viewing deck.

The Viewing Deck
The viewing deck is a more safer side to enjoy the scenery and its exactly 276 meters above ground level. If you dont like being in high places, well, this would be the option for you. Theres souvenir stores, photo spots, information of towers all around the world and more!

Souvenir store available.
Some comparison with other Towers at the rest of the world.
Trying my luck to spot a handsome man on the street. (no luck tho) hehe
After enjoying the panoramic scenery, we decided to head down to another tourist location which just recently launched 3 months ago, called the Flavours of Malaysia. After a long morning walk around KL Tower, that really build myself an appetite, and favours of Malaysia sounds pretty good for lunch to me. hehe.

Flavours of Malaysia
The entry price.
Flavours of Malaysia is basically my last stop of the day and to my surprise, i found that there's a little mini exhibition of all the 'village' houses from all the different states in Malaysia. But since i was hungry, i decided to have a yummy Malaysian Buffet lunch.

The entrance to the restaurant.
Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and some desserts.
The variety was not bad and i absolutely the love the taste of the dishes! Im not too fond to spicy food, so despite having sambal and other malay cuisines, its rather surprising that they were edible compared to when i eat out at other places. The menu of the day was serving, Satay, Nasi Lemak, Ulam, Bubur kacang, Roti Canai and more! So, if youre not a fan of spicy burning cili, this is a must try, especially if youre foreign and you want to our Malaysian food. Managed to talk to the chef as well, and he said that the dishes are well catered to international tastebuds which is GREAT! :D

Performance by the Semia Orang Asli
We even had a special presentation by the Semia Orang Asli who performed us some traditional dances and music while we enjoyed our food during lunch. I was told by the manager that they came all the way from Pahang, and they were previously performing for the Sultan's of Selangor. Talk about a Royal presentation. It was a privilege for me to meet Indigenous people, and see them perform live in front of my eyes. Not a chance to be missed.

Village house replica's
Village house replica's, a goat and a visitor playing traditional games
Once lunch was done and over with, i decided to discover the traditional village houses that are available in different states in Malaysia. I never knew that the houses traditionally can be so detailed in different ways! There were even ducks and a goat in the area to make it seem more 'aunthentic'. Its like seeing the whole of Malaysia without having to travel to different states in Malaysia. hehe.

A tourist feeding a baby monkey at the park.
There is no doubt that theres a lot of things to do while youre at KL Tower. So many things to see all in one day. It definitely created memories to me. hehe. Its great to know that KL Tower has improved SO SO much from my last visit 10 years ago. And im thankful that i was given the opportunity to visit KL Tower again.

Well, i dont want this post to be too long, so i'll be ending it here. For more information on KL tower, do visit their official website at Hehe. Do leave me comments below if you have any other questions which i may have not answered :*

Sara xx


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  9. I dah pergi kl tower.. sky park and visit burung kakak tua !! Tempat yang menarik tapi tak rasa nak pergi everyday... lucky the price sangat affordable and sangat sesuai untuk budak2 sekolah melawat heheh !

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