Sunday, October 4, 2015

ORIGIN 2015 | Raffle's 34th Graduation Fashion Show

Fashion enthusiast, turning dreams in a reality, congratulations to the Fashion Designer graduates of Raffles College of Higher Education! I was honored to be invited to attend their 34th graduation showcase, titled ORIGIN 2015.

Being a fan of the arts, I was glad to be able to witness their final designs, which really impressed me as their designs are very professionally designed in so many levels. Its no wonder that Raffles College has one of the best fashion design students, by allowing the students to embrace their creativity skills, and to put it out in a form of fashion.

Attendee's of the day: Shana, Mary Jane's Step Mother, Mary Jane, mua and Miriam.
It was held at JW Marriot, right across Pavillion, and everyone who were present at the event were all in their best dressed outfit in fancy gowns and in their trendiest designers outfit. For a second there, I really thought I was at a grand fashion show, and it really was when I got to see the collection of their students. Their designs really made head turns as the concept was well brought up to embrace the artistic conceptual design.

I’ll stop blabbing now as I know you’re looking forward to the designs that were insanely intense! Coming from a background of architecture, just looking at their designs could really inspire you. Its no wonder that even some architecture can be related to fashion.


Nana Ooi designed this collection, where her masterpiece of grandeur is formed after destruction of an ancient. As serenity, purity, and balance echoes through, this design resembles a center point for relation between human and god.


Next up would be by Erica Lim. Her concept was to strive for perfection, when perfection is impossible. When you have the passion and enthusiasm, nothing in the world will stop you. The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire and when you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn. Celebrating uniqueness through the words, the action and the choices we make.


This designer came all the way from Indonesia, Tania Saraswati and her design was based on hallucination. You decide if its reality or fatality.


Marie Nardelli, who came from France, decided to design her collection through the terms of power, elegance, beauty, promiscuous and androgynous. These are the main characteristics that make a courtesan woman and the beauty transfers through elegance which gives women upmost power and riches. There are courtesans of the rich and famous and attract the wealthiest and most powerful men of their society.


Quek Sh’un-Linn has  a little miss sought for the attention. A mysterious collection which had a deep meaning to it. All in white and immer
sing herself into shaping her papery friends.


Next would be by Aneesa Alsagoff where she was b y Moritz Waldemeyers 1000 Flames. The ideas was from an installation of parabolic mirror that reflects digital flames from its hexagonal surfaces. A jewel like beauty combines the charm of a candle light and geometric lines.


This triggered me to be inspired the most. En Chi Khoo revitalises building with motions. Frank Gehry and one of his signature masterpieces, the dancing house.  The creation of exaggerated movements, conventionally geometric and asymmetric, pleases the eye of the beholder.


Lee Hui Mein was inspired on trying to break down and dissect this perceived reality by offering visual cross-sections that pry open further realms, encompassing the human experience at micro and macro scales. This attempt to get a deeper truth has truly exposed an underlying existential framework that completes our deceptively limited view of reality.

| THE SmoG |

Killer of a thousand or possibly more, Ng Jin Ying has created something which enters our veins with only one intend to harm. What do you think of this dark mysterious collection of hers?


Here Reiko Poon’s attempt to express that the sky has faded, the sun turned grey, that’s what it feels… a part is lost.  A collection to those who was once a part of love that turned into hate. Sorrow is streaming down her cheek and she knows no way to stop it now. However, someday she knows she can.


Niki Tan has created an amazing design which was heavily inspired by the movie “The Wild One 1953” that portrays the rebellion of a lost generation against anything that forces them to conform and abide by the rules of the generation that controls them. “Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.


Lee Huei Wen decided to paint a canvas of conveying her feelings in through for her loved one.  Strung alongside with the man of her life, they play a beautiful tune.


Michelle Li Yuan has ben seeking for some sleep, a dream in the clouds, hoping to sleep without fear. She count the sheep’s from 1 to 20 in this collection.

The event ended with the judges announcing the result on the best 3 fashion designers of the year. But of course, that doesnt mean that the rest we're equally as good. I think everyones collection was absolutely stunning! Presenting to you the designers who impressed the judges, congratulations!

Ng Jin Ying | The SmoG

Chi Khoo | Moving the Lifeless

Sh'un Lynn | Where are you Papa?
Just a step back from everything, I would say that these designers are more than ready to take over the fashion industry! There’s so much love and passion that was put into their work that it looks like it was created and design with thoughts of every single thread.  Stunning pieces to be considered to take over the fashion world.

Whats a fashion show, without an #ootd right? hehe 
All these designs made me felt like I needed to do an advance diploma in fashion designing. GOOGLY EYES! For more information on Raffles College of Higher Education, do visit their official website at or Hoping that you enjoyed the collection as much as I did.

Signing out,
Aliza Sara xx

Photo Credits + Shaun Yap Photography


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