Monday, October 26, 2015

[REVIEW] CiUM ; The ultimate kissing lip balm

The packaging.
What is life? Life is all about the emotions, the excitements, the adventure and the list goes endlessly to describe what life really is. And today, im introducing to you a lipbalm called CiUM, because its no ordinary lip balm im telling you.

A product by an airline Pilot. (photo credits : Google)
Im proud to say that this is a Malaysian brand, by an airline pilot based in Malaysia. The pilot came about developing this product was because of a long distance relationship with his girlfriend who is also a pilot. And due to a lot of travelling, lips would be cracked because of the dry air, where lipbalm is necessary. The pilot found that most lip balms is either too oily or bland, and this lead him to decide to develop a kissing lip balm.

Some information of the lip balm.
This kissing lip balm does not just keeps your lips moist, but also it enhances your kissing experiences. Basically, this lipbalm comes in a pair, and each partner will choose a flavour to apply on their lips. When kissing, the flavours mix and produce a sensation that intensifies kissing. So dont be surprised when you feel a tingling sensation once you try it out for the first time. hehe. Now, its review time!

Both are colourless leaving the product natural.
So, i decided to try this out with my sister, because this lip balm doesnt mean that its only for couples right? hehe. From the photo above, you can clearly see that i have the CiUM lip balm in S'Berry and Meeko. Being a responsible sister, i decided to let my sister choose which flavour she wants first.

So she picked Meeko
And i had to go for S'berry
So, my sister decided to choose Meeko and with no choice, im getting the S'berry! hehe. Upon application we both had our own saw to what these balms felt and tasted like. Here would be the review :

Meeko: Meeko apparently smells like chocolate, and once applied on the lips, it has a mild taste of coco leaving a slight icy feeling on the lips.

S'Berry: Smells very sweet and since i couldn't resist myself, i decided to taste a bit of the lipbalm myself, and to my surprise, it has a very decent lychee taste instead. Yums

Both generally did not feel like those sticky lip balm which annoys your lips after a while, so yay to that! And of course, the moment of truth would be the kiss!

The kiss!
Haha. I kid, we didnt had the guts to kiss each other on camera, so fret not! If youre single or you dont have anybody to kiss, you can still enjoy this lipbalm. Instead of finding a partner to kiss, you can also kiss yourself by rubbing your lips together to make applying lipbalm more exciting :) Perfect for those who hate applying lip balm.

Apply one flavour on upper lip, and the other flavour on the bottom lip.
Basically, if you would want to use this for yourself, you can do what my sister did by applying one flavour on the top lip, and the other flavour on the bottom lip.

Do the 'mmm' lip movement.
The next step is to do the 'mmm' movement to your lips and thats where you can feel the sensation of what this lipbalm can do. And believe me, it will surprise you! I personally love the scent that it leaves and also the after feel of the lipbalm, staying on your lips very naturally without having that sticky icky feel like the 'usual' lipbalm in stores.

Approved as one of the best lip balm she has ever tried on.
And there you have it! Me and my sister loves this lip balm cause its by far the coolest lip balm ever! As for now, i know that they dont exactly have the best packaging, but they are soon to develop a new packaging! They have two sets of flavours available, where its either you take S'berry & Meeko, or Sambal & Ais.

Just checked their online store, and they happen to be on SALE!
These lipbalms are usually available on chosen Air flights, but they have decided to make it available online! And guess what? They're on sale right now so instead of paying RM75.00 per pair, you can get it for RM29.00 per pair since its on SALE! Hurry while stock last. And since Valentines is in less than 6 months, they even came up with a new packaging to make the festive more exciting. So be sure to Pre-order yours now and surprise you special someone on Valentines day!

Valentine's Day flavours comes in Sambal & Ais, Meeko & S'Berry, Jumbo & Ying and Zac & Kimmy! Im so tempted to know what Zac & Kimmy taste like. And its amazing how they came up with this idea. So if youre looking for a wedding gift, an anniversary gift, or even a gift for your partner whos having a bad day, well THIS IS IT!

That expression though. Haha
If youre tempted to get this, be sure to visit to place your orders, or to get more information about it. I dont usually like lip balms, but this is an exception. LOVE IT! You have to try it yourself to believe it.

Thanks y'all for reading, and be sure to share me your tingling experience once you tried this out yourself ;)

Much love,
Sara xx


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