Tuesday, October 27, 2015

[REVIEW] Doclabs Korea Face Ampoules

The packaging.
Being in your twenties, its the most crucial time to be more concern about your skin. Especially when youre living in Malaysia, we usually would take the sun for granted. Im currently struggling with combination skin, oily and dry, where both are terrible skin issues. I have to admit that when my skin is dry, i become pretty much clueless on what to do, so i hide it with foundation and concealer.

The back of the Packaging.
But with flaky dry skin, i think what my skin needs would be an extra boost of moisturiser to keep my skin protected and moist at the time. I was introduced with DocLab's Face Ampoules which is highly concentrated with hyaluronic acid (as mentioned on the packaging itself) which is formulated all the way in Korea. This product is to be said that it gives a moisture boost, restores, retexturize skin, protects, whitens and soothes the skin. As amazing as that sounds, theres only one way to find out if it really works.

Well, knowing that its formulated in Korea, i think the chances of this brand would work can be pretty high. So i decided to give this a go and try it out on my skin, since my skin does need some attention.

The inside of the packaging
They come in 5 mini glass bottles.
This Face Ampoule comes in a box of 5 units of 2ml/0.06FL.oz in each bottle. In every one bottle, it contains aqua, collagen, sodium PCA, Witch Hazel water, Ginseng Root Extract, Aloe Vera, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin E, Arbutin and Methylisotniazolinone. These ingredients are suppose to restore the skins suppleness, elasticity and retexturization.

How it Works

Apply pressure at both ends to open cap.
Using a wet tissue to prevent the glass dust from travelling through air
Each ampoule comes in a glass like bottle which needs to be break open to take the product out. Its also mentioned on the box that its advisable to use a wet tissue or towel when you open the ampoule to prevent the glass dust from travelling through air. *Please take note

Apply to your palm
After doing some research, the reasons why are DocLab's Face Ampoule are kept safely in a glass like bottle is because that the ingredients are highly concentrated and it reacts to surroundings very quickly. So be sure to apply the liquid to the palm of your hands and massage it to your face the minute you break it open.

Apply to face in an upward motion.
Its said that Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water and it helps your skin to repair and regenerate itself after suffering from dryness. I decide to apply DocLab's Face Ampoule after my shower, then leave it on overnight to let the ampoule do its magic while im getting my beauty sleep.


I woke up the next day, and to my surprise, my skin felt very supple and smooth. Even my flaky skin was all gone! I love how the product absorbs by the skin very well, and does not have a sticky feel after application. Based on how well it works, im currently using it at least once a week to sustain the results for the next 4 weeks. In conclusion, i would recommend this to those who are suffering from dry skin or to those who want to reduce wrinkles too, because it definitely works like a charm *Two Thumbs up*

Hyalyronic Acid, repairs while you sleep.
They have previously exported the product to Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Hong Kong and im glad that they decided to export to Malaysia too! If youre planning to get yourself a box, you can get it from their Official Website or their Official Facebook Page. They are usually priced at RM138 per box, but now theyre going for RM98 for a short period of time! If youre looking for a painless, fast solution to your dry skin, this is worth every penny as the results are practically instant!

Sara xx

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