Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Best Of You Exhibition ; Julies

A creative mind map of how to be the best of you.
I was invited to attend the best of you exhibition which is a social movement initiated by Julie's to encourage more appreciation for the people and experiences that has brought out the best in people like you and me. So, be prepared to be inspired when youre reading this post! Because you'll end up looking for answers for yourself.

A wall filled with inspiring quotes from individuals.
The exhibition space.
Tons of stories to be read.
This exhibition was showcasing a collection of stories that people has shown appreciation in many different ways. I found the exhibition facinating cause the entire space was filled with stories expressing appreciation in so many ways.

Lovely painted artworks
A taste of the past
How do i put this in order for you to understand what it's about? Hmm. Well, picture this! Think about the wonderful things that has happen to you throughout your life, and of course, behind such a wonderful moment to not be forgotten, there is always someone behind that moment which we might have been to busy to show appreciatiation.

Enlarge and read a few if you must 
So, this exhibition basically expresses the moments which some people may have not had the chance to express. And its amazing how these stories comes from different background of cultures. Thus you can see the unique difference of how appreciation was shown, from different communities in Malaysia. The exhibition had over 50 stories to share which i enjoyed going through, some even made me felt like crying, cause some were beautifully written.

Apparently my boyfriend was triggered with this art work.
It did indeed felt like i was walking around a maze too
I have to say that this campaign was an amazing effort to encourage more people to find some time to appreciate the little things in life that has brought you to be the person you are today.

Mandatory printed photo
At the event, i also managed to get my photo printed with my boyfriend and got my photo hung up on the wall of appreciation. Woohoo! And the event ended with a little fun activity for the attendees to enjoy. Attendee's were given different pieces of sheet filled with 10 questions to answer. The challenge of it was that the answers were all around the exhibition and each of us were given 30 minutes to get our answers.

Guess i got lucky. hehe. So unexpected too! 
Not many managed to finish answerign the question, but i have to admit that i had sharp eyes (or so my dad claims), i was the 2nd participant to complete my sheet within 30 minutes. Wohoo! And guess what? I even managed to win myself a hamper! So unexpected! Hehe. Julie's and team, if youre reading this, THANK YOU!

Group shot with Sai Tzy Horng and blogger JQ who happens to be the emcee for the night!
Well, if you want to get some inspiring appreciation quotes, or possibly share your own stories, be sure to visit or check out their Facebook Campaign at So, what inspired you to be the person you are today? ;)

Sara xx


  1. Congrats on winning! :) this is such an amazing exhibition

  2. Congrats on winning! :) this is such an amazing exhibition

  3. congrats of winning. Nice dress you are wearing. Hehe.. I didn't go this exhibition on the day as need to fetch son.

  4. Congrats!
    I have visited their fan page. It's awesome! Explore more later after I done my stuff here. ;)

  5. Haha nice post on it babe. My article was in the previous exhibition. Certainly hope that this movement will manage to touch more people

  6. Such a good exhibition whereby there are a story behind each pictures. Congrats for winning and you do have sharp eye like eagle. hehe

  7. wow... i suka exhibition mcm ni. barang2 lama berharga
    yang dinilai sendiri para tetamu... tapi i sukanya baju gaun tu. cantik

    u look amazing darling..

  8. you are always so lucky to win prizes in events! congrats to you by the way! :D

  9. Oh wow... Aliza.. you so lucky... congrats... I need some lucky it's been a very very very long time since I won any lucky draw... huhuu

  10. Yeay! Got food! Congrats!! I heard of this exhibition but yet to have chance to go yet. Heard it's very inspiring :)

  11. It is great to appreciate everybody around you. A great way to celebrate love and relationship.

  12. Nice event! Julies is our family favourites biscuits brand

  13. Congrats Sara for winning a big hamper here. I joined last year and won it too :)

  14. congrats on ur winning Aliza :) too bad that I missed this awesome event to note all the best of you stories :(
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. Looks like a beautiful event and you look gorgeous that night! Gosh didn't know JQ was emceeing for that event too :D Congrats to your win!

  16. Wow this is nice! And congrats sweetie! x

  17. Looks like a very interesting event. I like this kinda events. Anyway, congrats on winning :)