Monday, November 16, 2015

[REVIEW] Swissbel ; Vitamin B12 Cream

A surprise form Swissbel
Recently i got a parcel from Swissbel and i cant wait to share to you lovely readers what's all of this about. If youre a beauty junky, im sure that you'll be very familiar with this particular brand. But if this is your first time reading about it, well, i'll be glad to explain why has this been hype to many beauty bloggers and celebrities. Did you know that this cream has been sold over 2 million pieces within a year in HK and Taiwan?

Loving the custom touch, with my name on it.
But of course, i would like to thank Swissbel for giving me the chance to review this product. So thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally understand why do people LOVE this cream so much. And i truly appreciate the lovely customised parcel that i just received recently. I think its really sweet :)

Vitamin B12 Cream PLUS+

What this cream does.
Now, lets get back to beauty business. Hehe. Basically, this cream does wonders bringing you technology all the way from Switzerland! So yes, its made in Switzerland with strict quality control by Swiss Federal Ministry of Public Health. From soothing scars, reducing redness, reducing wrinkles, firms, hydrates, tighten pores, rejuvenates and repairs. It sounds pretty unbelievable, but it does the job to a lot of people. If youre looking for a product that solves almost every skin problem, well, this may be your answer. Personally, i love that its oil free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic tested and also that it contains no paraben!


The active ingredients
The secret behind this innovative cream is that they have active ingredients such as Vitamin B12, Rosa, Squalane, Hyalyronic Acidm, Salicylic Acid and Vitamins. Each of these ingredients play a big role in making the cream work. Since im feeling a extra excited on sharing you on the ingredients, well, here would be an explanations on the functions of the active ingredients.

Vitamin B12 // Intensely regenerates and deeply revitalised, skin glows adding more radiance.
Rosa // Hydrates and smoothens skin from sensitiveness and stress.
Salicylic Acid // Unclogs pores by eliminating dead cells.
Hyalyronic Acid // Penetrates H2O into skin efficiently for up to 24 hours.
Squalane // Helps to empower skin and repair skins moisture barrier.
Vitamin // Vitamin E, C, B5 and Provitamin B5, to fight the signs of ageing.


The sample size tube for Vitamin B12 Cream PLUS
Here is the sample size of the Vitamin B12 Cream Plus + which i find it very convenient to bring around during my wanderlust adventures. I also make sure that this is always in my bag, just in case i forget to put some on my face. hehe. I actually had the same question myself on the application. But after some intensive research, i finally found out how to use it!

Cream has a slightly pinkish tone.
According to their official website, it is advisable to apply it daily in the morning and at night for best results. As skin usually face problems around the face and neck area, cream should be applied around that area. It can also be applied under makeup as base which also works as good as a primer. What more can you ask for? hehe. It can also be used as a mask, body lotion, lip mask and hand mask too!


Trying it out on my cheeks.
Texture wise, i would say that its rather greasy at first. But after a few minutes, the greasy texture fades, leaving the cream feeling very natural on the skin. I love how i can tell that my skin absorbs the cream very well too. BONUS POINTS! I usually 'dislike' having that sticky feel on my face, but im glad to find out that this cream does not stick to your face like how sunblock would usually stick on you. The cream literally just blends into your skin.


After applying the cream.
I dont know about you, but i think the cream instantly made my face glows. I have yet to continuously use this to find out if the results are better than expected. So i will definitely update this blogpost after i have applied this for over 2 weeks to share you the results of the cream. If youre wondering, my skin type would be a combination skin which is a concern. I also occasionally get acne when my face gets too oily :(

Cant wait to see for major results.
Visibly effective *Proven
After 2 days of application, i already feel that my skin feels healthier than ever! But of course, i did change my routine of washing my face with cold water instead of hot water, and before application of the Vitamin B12 Cream Plus, i would make sure that my face is clean. Im seeing positive results, and i can proudly say that this cream works and its highly effective on any skin type.

December promotions!
It is currently priced at RM 139 per tube, but i managed to check their Facebook Page, which says that they're having their December Promotion where you can get your 2nd piece at 50% off! Such a steal if you ask me. That means its RM208.50 for two tubes! Get a friend, your sister, your boyfriend to purchase this with you TODAY! Be sure to also visit their official website at for more information.

Or, if youre only thinking of purchasing one tube, you can apply this code which is only valid until 31st December 2015. You can find the 25% discount code below which are specially for my readers:


Thanks for dropping by, and be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions or enquiries on the product xx


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