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Free Education in German Universities | Inlcuding International Students

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This has been going for a while and i know tons of my friends are area already planning their way to Germany for free education. We all have to admit that education can occasionally be expensive, but if youre deciding to move to a more international level of studying, why not think about going to Germany? But im sure that some universities in Gemany might require you to take up German Classes, but some may not.

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Universities in Germany are now free of tuition fees for all including international students which has attracted a lot of attention from students all around the world. In 2014, Lower Saxony became the last of seven german states to abolish their tuition fees, which were already low enough to possibly provide a better future for more individuals. YAY!

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German universities had been charging for tuition since 2006 and they realised that German universities has proven unpopular and the German states began dropping them one by one. It is now all gone which means that both domestic and international undergraduate students at public universities in Germany are able to study in Germany for free, with just a small fee to cover for administration. (usually priced at 150 Euro and 250 Euro depending on which University you apply to). Please take note that you may also need to pay for your living expenses while you're there, like food, transport, accommodation, entertainment, course materials and other necessities.

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Free education is a concept that is embraced in most of Europe with notable exceptions like the UK, where the government voted to lift the cap on university fee's in 2010, and tripled the tuition fees therefore. The measure has reportedly cost more money than it brought in and reported that students are failing to pay back student loans.

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Financially, learning German might be the best choice for some who are struggling to pay for high education fee's. You can move to Germany with a student visa by using the step by step virtual assistant to the German student visa, or you can also read about visa for international student in Germany on

For any other questions on studying n Germany, do visit Migreat Communities in Germany for more details. All information from this post was taken from, so please do visit their page for more justifications :)

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  1. Yes, it is free.
    Am thinking of doing my PhD there too.

  2. It is a great step from German authorities to let other students to stand with the world and have an opportunity to understand and learn the culture of Europe as well and this would also be helpful in writing assignments which they will get from the Universities. I am quite encouraged with the post you have shared and planning to join as well.