Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Body Shop Malaysia // Online shopping + Spa Wisdom Africa Review

A great way to start November would be to receive a parcel filled with body pampering products! So tadaa! I just recently placed an order online, on the 29th of October from the Body Shop's Official Website and received this parcel on the 2th of November which was on a Monday. Talk about defeating Monday blue ey? Hehe. Pretty impressed with their fast delivery services which took only 3 working days to arrive! If you were not aware that they do provide delivery services, well let me tell you a thing or two about their online shopping experience

Website Home Page
Navigating on the site wasnt that complicated, as we know that 'The Body Shop' generally focuses on products for your external body. As you can see at the screenshot above, there are tabs which states Bath & Body, Fragrance, Skincare, Make-up, Haircare, Mens and Gift Ideas, which makes it easy to find what you need at home. Their home page will also constantly inform you about promotions before you even set your purchase, to make the best of what your money can buy.

My Cart
But i do have to say that when i checked out their Sale tab which had crazy deals up to 70%, most of the products with the best discounts are sold out :( So if you looking to snag some deals, i would suggest you to constantly check their site to be the first few to catch their amazing discounted deals. Instead of going for the sale's, i decided to get some pampering product for my body since its suppose to be their highlighted products in store. 

Once payment was made, i was directed to a confirmation page
I ordered myself their Spa Wisdom Africa range of Ximenia & Salt Scrub and Spa Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm which i couldnt wait to receive! Also, i decided to get myself to spoil myself in the shower too by trying out their Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel.  I was lucky enough to enjoy their October specials, having 10% off on one of their Spa Wisdom Africa range, so yay to savings! Checked out, paid and it lead me to a page which says that my order has been received provided with an order tracking number to make sure you can track your order with Body Shop.

Received two emails with different purposes.
Once you have confirmed your order, Body Shop will instantly send you an email to re-assure you that your order has been receive which i think its really sweet of them to consider all the small details. You'd be surprise that some companies would really take this tiny things for granted. They would even update you on your parcel once it has been dispatched for delivery! So that you know when to expect your parcel. YAY! 

Its here!
Sealed with care.
On a bright Monday morning, my parcel is here! It was wrapped in a box with no prints on the box, but it did came with a proper seal to make sure the contents are safe and unopened. WOOHOO! Would really appreciate if they had a custom box with colours though, but as a start, its good that it came in a box, to protect the products from being damaged during delivery :)

Unboxing moments
Unboxing moments
Unboxing the box was definitely a pleasant surprise! They had a really cute thank you note on the box saying that their products are 100% vegetarian and sourced responsibly. Which is great to know that no animals nor tree's were harmed during production. The box came with a receipt and products were nicely tucked in a bunch of recycled shredded paper. Its good to know that Body Shop practices being eco-friendly. 

My Spa Wisdom Africa Scrub and Body Balm
Loving the design of the packaging.
Here i present to you the Spa Wisdom Africa range. The complete range comes in 3 different types of product, Spa Wisdom Africa of Ximenia & Salt Scrub, Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm, and Spa Wisdom Africa Honey & Bee's wax Hand and foot Butter. Not a fan of pampering my foot and hand, so i didnt think that was necessary since i already got myself the body balm. hehe. 

Close up on their air tight lock mechanism.
Air tight lid
As fancy as the packaging looks, the packaging is made out of plastic. But i love the fact that their packaging had an air tight lid mechanism, making sure that it wont be contaminated in the long run. Cause it is an issue once air and water gets its way into the bottle, resulting it to stink after a few month (coming from experience). 

Use a clean spoon for hygiene purposes.
First up for review would be their Spa Wisdom Africa of Ximenia & Salt Scrub. For hygiene purposes, i would suggest that you use a spoon instead of your hands when scooping the content out to make sure that your product last longer. As you can see, i used my spoon which i call my "spa spoon" which is waterproof and water resistant! 

Apply it on your skin.
Gently massage it on dry skin 
Add water to skin and continue scrubbing
Its not hard to use a scrub, it has a pleasant smell of African Shea Butter which came all the way from Ghana. From the instructions, it says that you need to rub it onto wet skin, but what i did her was i applied the Spa Salt on dry skin, and gently massaged it for about a minute, before getting it exposed to water. So, after about a minute, mix the scrub with water on your skin and continue massaging it, and once youre satisfied, rinse it off.

Before and after impression
The scrub simply leaves your skin looking fairer and smoother since you scrubbed all the dead skin off your skin. By judging from the photo above, do you realise that my arm looks lighter after scrubbing? I know, im amazed myself. hehe 

Next up would be their body balm
Apply after showering
Once you rinsed it off the spa scrub and showered, apply Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm onto skin, massage it evenly and let it sink in before getting dressed. It would be perfect if you get this done while youre in your towel. Hehe. It leaves your skin feeling moist and supple after application.

And thats about it!
And thats about it. I love how both the scrub and the body balm compliments each other really well, making sure my body is well pampered after the sessions. I would personally suggest to scrub once a week, and the body balm to be applied after every shower at night for better improved results. I know im loving my skin right now. hehe

Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel
And of course, how can i forget their famous shower gel? I believe that almost most of the women has at least tried Body Shop's shower gels. Here i have in my hands would be their Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel. Holds about 250ml of gel and is priced at RM29.90. As much as you think that the price is slightly on the higher side, you dont actually need much of it each time you shower.

Apply a small amount on your palm
Results to rich lather.
As you can see here, the lather is very rich and i love the aroma that it spreads out. Once you wash it off, the fragrant stays leaving you skin smelling pretty delicious. It does smell fruity nor sweet, but it leaves a very strong scent of Argan Oil. Did you know that Argan Oil is commonly used as a skin moisturises to hydrate the skin? Its hight with vitamin E giving it a natural boost to your skin. If you hate that oily feel, substitute it this shower gel, providing you the same benefits, minus the oil ;)

My overall orders for November
Even my cat at home loves the fragrance of Argan Oil. Hehe. This will basically be my DIY spa regime at home, rewarding my skin only the best. hehe. I didnt even need to get myself to a store to get these things since it was delivered to my house. How effortless is that? Hehe. 

Well, if you would want to get yourself some products from body shop, you can always visit or to keep yourself updated with their latest product and latest promotions in stores! Do you have your favourite Body Shop product? Do share it with me by leaving a comment below ok :)

Sara xx 


  1. i'm using body shop's body lotion too!! and the scrub look so effective. will give a try . Normally buy it while shopping , next time should try their online services.

  2. Looks like Bodyshop had comes out a great product for skin and I can buy online too. Awesome arrangements.

  3. I have always loved TBS products. The scrub looks great! Will consider getting that one after this one that I currently have finishes hehe.

  4. have yet to try out their online shopping site yet! but i always love their spa wisdom range!

  5. I always love body shop's concept for using ingredients that are close to nature :) worth trying their online site!

  6. I do love Argan Oil... even your cat loves argan oil??? What a spoiled kitty.... hahahahaha

  7. Alamak. Bahaya nie.
    Mau tershopping gak saya pas ni.

  8. Haha your cat photobomp the pic so cute! Nowadays online shopping is so much easier and fast.

  9. your cat is cute when it check on bodyshop! :D I also like bodyshop products too. My sisters and I still use it :)

  10. Body shop always my favourite. A lot of their product contain organic ingredient. Thanks for sharing

  11. Body shop is like the typical beauty stop for anything organic. Love their range and their sales online is unbelievable at times.

  12. I want to try the scrub, its so obvious with and without the scrub. There are some stuff that I need to get from The Body Shop as christmas pressies.

  13. i managed to catch the trend in product reviews already. you do put a lot of effort in each review you do. Good sharing here Aliza.

  14. Love this brand, and now they even have online shopping, woohoo :)

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