Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Scar My Story with Bio-Oil

Bio-Oil is excited to announce their campaign.
When it comes to scars, i believe that we all have scars on our body that we know of. Behind each scar, it holds life episodes which will serve as memories, some good and some paiful ones. So in 2015, Bio-Oil decided to have a campaign themed as 'My Scar My Story' to offer individuals inspirations and solutions to their scars via a microsite online platform basically brings Malaysians together to share their scar story a way of inspiring individuals going through emotional distress due to scars.

The lovely venue area, which i couldnt resist to at least take a photo of it.
Some instagram live updates
Yummy eateries early in the morning.
Did you know that research has revealed that every individual would have an average of 3 scars? I even heard that 56% of the women population suffers paychological issues considering thenselves 'abnormal' due to their scars. And imagine that this actually leads them to depression and anti-social behaviors due to low self esteem due to scars? And this is what the campaign is all about, to share experiences on how to cope with your scars.

Ms Stephanie Ng, the Product Manager of Bio-Oil Malaysia
We had Ms Stephanie Ng who is the Product Manager of Bio-Oil in Malaysia who said "We hope through this campaign, women will learn the many ways of coping with scarsd proactively instead of just hidig their scars from the eyes of the public. We are confident that 'My Scar My Story' will offer real life stories that will serve as an inspiration to many who are suffering both wmotionally and physically from scars."

Dr Nazirin, a dermatologist from Pantai Hospital
During the event, we has Dr Nazirin Ariffin, a renowned dermatologist from Pantai Hospital to offer professional advice and weekly tips on scar management via the microsite. Dr Nazirin psychologically supporting her patients are necessary and its far beyond just wound care. Providing optimal advice and guidance to patients as well as managing their expectations will reduce patients emotional distress. She also mentioned that the most common causes of scars among her patients are usually through acne, eczema and psoriasis, second degree skin burns, accidents, cuts and falls.

Some presentation slides which shows the causes of scars.
The highlighted ingredients in Bio-Oil
Scars may look bad in the beginning, but over time with good would care, some topical treatments would usually improve the appearance. Bio-Oil has been clinically proven to help improve the appearance of all types of scars (including mine) thanks to the active ingredients of plant extracts such as Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary and Calendula oils, together with Vitamins A & E and the breakthrough ingredients-PurCellin Oil. If you are not aware, PurCellin Oil is the reasons that it doesnt leave the skin a greasy feeling.

The official launch of the campaign.
Photo Opportunity
From left: Dr Nazirin Ariffin, Ms Low Hooi Wan and Ms Stephanie Ng
Based on Dermatological Research, Hamburg, Germany, 92% of the subjects showed an improvement in the appearance of their scars just after 8 weeks. I've personally used Bio-Oil pretty often when i have scars, and i can confidently say that it does minimise, reduce and lighten scars. For best results, you may need to massage the area in circular motion twice daily for a minimum of 3 months.

The campaign website
Why not share your scar story and possibly win prizes?
Not to forget about the campaign, be sure to get yourself involved in helping inspire other people who are emotionally distress due to scars. The three best scar stories will enjoy a luxury retreat package at a 5 star resort for two worth of up to RM10,000 and a consultative session with Dr Nazirin Ariffin. There will also be weekly prizes for the five most inspiring stories of the week. Not too bad of a reward by just sharing your story ey? ;)

For more information, do not hesitate to visit for more deeds on the product, and also visit to understand more on the campaign.

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  1. Hehe Saw Maple! I have join their campaign too starting to like their product too =D Too bad working cannot attend their launching of their event ><

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  2. I think i have more than just 3 scars haha. I have tried it before but dont quite enjoy the smell though

  3. yea! I saw myself! haha. I tried bio oil before, it's oily in texture, but absord faster once massage. and the smell~~ so nice~~

  4. I'm using bio oil now for my scar on my hand and hopefully it will fade off but I keep forgetting to apply it. Hahahaha

  5. scarring especially at visible areas, can be rather depressing. so it's heaven sent with products like bio oil, which works, it helps regain the confidence lost.

  6. Never used Bio Oil before. Maybe will try this for my scars soon. Especially acne scars. :(

  7. Everyone deserves flawless skin condition. It's good to use this product to rebuild oneself confident.

  8. That reminds me, since we are already part of the testimonials can we join as contestants as well?

  9. OH yeah.... we should really try it out and also enter that contest....

  10. Bio oil is definitely the best to help reduce scarring. Am a big fan of them :)

  11. I have tried bio oil and like the texture and also the effect. It gradually helps to lightens the scars.

  12. My daughter got scar after her operation when she was 2 years old. Bio-oil might helps out to reduce it.

  13. I use this during and after pregnancy for my tummy! Good one!

  14. Bio oil is a good product that can help to reduce the scar. my sister been using it and her scar has become smaller . Miracle product.

  15. ooo i know this is a good product...will try it on my scar the next round..

  16. I have been hearing so much about this brand recently, would like to try it out too, I have ugly scars at my below arms :(

  17. I have been hearing so much about this brand recently, would like to try it out too, I have ugly scars at my below arms :(

  18. So wonderful! I love using Bio-Oil.