Monday, November 23, 2015

The White Ribbon Run 2015 ; AWAM

The highlight was winning a luxury cruise!
If you are not aware on what AWAM stands for, it stands for All Women Action Society, where Women rights are taken action for. And If you are unaware on what the white ribbon means, it means to end violence against women and girls and basically promoting gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity that is independent of conceptualisation of femininity.

Some quotes spotted along the way. Photo credits to : YF Chong
The run wasnt as grand as the Bigger annual marathons organised by big sport brands, but i must say that the turn up was pretty good. I love the fact that it wasnt 'too' packed, and also the fact that everyone had their own space to stretch and warm up at the event space. I reached at about 6.30am, where we had an emcee and a warm up session to make sure we dont hurt ourselves during the marathon, followed by a speech by the President of AWAM, Ho Yock Lin.

Ho Yock Lin giving a speech. Photo credits to : YF Chong
Ho Yock Lin was really inspiring as she shared how important it is to spread the awareness. She highlighted the quote that states attendees to 'break the silence, end the violence' which was supported strongly by the runners that day. Did you know that recently, there was a case in Sabah where a girl at 14 years old got herself pregnant by a 40 year old man?! Thats too much! I think as the community, we need to end this silence and stop people from thinking that this is normal.

Everyone joining the warm up session.
Some participants jogging their way to the finish line. Photo credits to : YF Chong
The lovely view as the sun rises. Photo credits to : YF Chong
Volunteers at the event giving support to the runners. Photo credits to : YF Chong
So after a great warm up  session, the 7km runners were told to be on stand by at the starting line. And the flag off was at 7.30am where we all ran a steep track up hill in the beginning. Haha. Definitely an exhausting track, but the scenery was breathtaking. As the sun rises, since the track was surrounded by tree's and big houses, the track barely had direct sun heat hitting the runners running track.

Finished in about 48 minutes for my 7km run!
After about 48 minutes, i managed to complete my with the other few who completed the run for this special occasion. A goodie bag and medal were given to the finishers as a souvenir of accomplishment! hehe. The event continued with quiz campaign, where attendees had the chance to win prizes, followed by an announcement of the lucky draw numbers of the day.

Some lucky participants won some prizes. Photo credits to : YF Chong
Im pretty sure a lot of people had an enjoyable morning running/jogging on a fine morning with people who were passionate to support the cause. They had the one -liner by white ribbon campaign ambassadors to share a few words on stage too. And of course, what would be the white ribbon run without the existence of the white ribbon at the event. The event adjourned at about 9.45pm.

Me with Miera supporting the cause.
And how can i not selfie with handsome Tommy who was there too.
Such a lovely event for a good cause, which i do hope that they continue this activity annually to continuously grow to a bigger event with bigger supporters in the future :) For more updates on the campaigns and activities, be sure to follow AWAM's Facebook page.

Sara xx


  1. First time meeting Tommy eh? He reminds me of a K-pop star :P
    And running for a cause is always satisfying

  2. Awesome! Hope to see you in more runs. Keep it up yo!

  3. You are going for so many runs babe! Bring me along next time. Need to build up my stamina too