Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[REVIEW] Mojo Nail Cafe ; A new nail dining experience

As you enter, you are greeted with their logo where you can take photos and share it online!
Olla! If you've been seeing me lately, you would realize that i got my nails done in a classic OPI coating which was nicely done by the manicurist, Lusan, at the one and only Mojo Nail Cafe. This would be the ideal Neighbourhood nail salon if you happen to stay around Petaling Jaya. Its located in SS2, and if you need the exact address, i will include this at the end of this blog post for you.

Interion impression // Cafe vs. Salon area
Cozy Interior
Salon Area.
Upon entering, you will be greeted with the smell of coffee, and as you go deeper in the cafe, you will find the meni pedi area which i found rather classy. Personally i found that the place had a little touch of vintage too. Love it! What makes this particular cafe different is that you could actually get yourself a cup of coffee while you get your nails done. Perfect for those who are on the go! Why not have lunch while you get your nails done at the same time. No? ;)

Their all day menu
So here are the options that you may have on their all day menu. Pricing isnt too bad and its seriously affordable too! Your boyfriend wont complain if you drag him here to be there with you *wink. haha. But anyhow, i decided to order their caffee latte which was recommended by one of the staffs at Mojo Nail Cafe. Now, lets get down to real nail business!

Lusan getting my pedicure done.
The session started with getting my feet soaked in warm water, then it was cleaned with a towel before getting my pedicure started. The manicurist i got was Lusan, and i must say that shes REALLY good at this. No accidental pain, and her methods are neatly done.

The colours that i decided to use. (more options available)
A mysterious maroon tone for my manicure.
Next was to decide a colour. I decided to go for a peachy colour for my pedicure and went for maroon with a touch of white on my manicure. Hehe. Again, the same process was repeated where Lusan will  scrub your hands clean first, followed by the filing and application of nail polish. She even cleaned my cuticles too!

Waiting for my nails to dry while i enjoy my cup of coffee
Manicure (45 minutes)
Pedicure (1 hour)
Application for pedi and madi took about 45 minutes, but i guess what i hate the most is the waiting time for your nails to properly dry. What better way to kill time, by enjoying a cup of coffee? Im personally not a fan of coffee, but their caffee latte was an exception! I love how mild the taste of coffee is, leaving a creamy texture instead of a bitter taste at the end of every sip.

If youre wondering how the outcome was, it was a double thumbs up! The entire session was relaxing, and the playlist of the cafe was LOVE! The tunes were a great way to de-stress and the convenience of having food ordered if you happen to be hungry is a major bonus.

Cafe area
Cafe area
And before i forget, do you also know that they are open if youre looking for event spaces? And yes, if you have launches, birthday parties, a private ladies night party, they can get the venue booked for you and you can have the entire space to yourself. Do give them a call to ask about their space rental enquiries and i even heard that they do assist you in looking for catering too!

Mojo Cafe Counter
My verdict:

+ Affordable \\ Nail and Food
+ Cozy Environment
+ Excellent service
+ Boyfriend Friendly
+ Private event space available
+ Food & Drinks available.

Price list of the salon.
I find their pricing fairly reasonable and be sure to ask for their monthly promotional offers. If im not mistaken, Lusan mentioned that instead of paying the full total for the spa// gel polish manicure and pedicure, you can get both spa OR gel polish manicure pedicure done at RM150 instead of RM180.

The outcome
Well, i think thats about it! I hope you enjoy reading my review, and be sure to check this place out if you happen to be around the area. Parking isnt that hard to get too! So you dont really have to worry about not getting parking. hehe. Be sure to visit their official Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/MOJOnailcafe if you would want to keep yourself updated with their latest promotions. Thanks for reading this, and do let me know whats your personal opinion about the place and services ;)

Opening Hours: 
11am to 9pm (Weekdays)
11am to 6pm (Weekends)

Mojo Nail Cafe
No. 105 (First Floor),
Jalan SS 2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya.


Sara xx


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  10. It is an awesome concept~ I can have my food while waiting for my mani and pedi done~

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  18. We all need a little pampering from time to time.. This is just blissful... How lovely..

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