Monday, August 1, 2016

Kordel's Charity Fun Walk 2016

Participants all ready for their walk.
The 8th Kordel's Charity Fun Walk builds momentum as impending national public health burden looms with those who are above 65 years old, according to the World Organisation with an increased percentage of 16% worldwide by 2050 from 524 million in 2010. In conjunction to that, Kordel has organized a Charity Fun Walk to promote physical activity to raise the awareness on osteoarthritis and to support needy patients with the Arthritis Foundation Malaysia.

Kordel's as the organizer
Participants present at 6am on a sunday morning.
Targeted to the public, the event began at 6am at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur. It was really nice to see families and the elderly's up and ready for a morning walk on a Sunday morning. There were tons of activities set to entertain runners, and some of the featured the food trucks, free testers and drink, a photobooth and more!

Warm up session to prevent injuries
About 20 minutes before the race, we had the emcee calling everyone in for a warm up session before the run. By moving and stretching our bodies, this really helps to prepare the body for a long 7km breeze walk. After about 15 minutes of warm up, participants were then told to head on over to the starting point and the walk began at 7.15am.

And the walk began!
Walk for charity
The route was rather interesting if you ask me. It was about a 5km stretch of uphill routes and the other 2km was a smooth slope back to the finish line. With tree's and pleasant scenery's to enjoy, i have to say that the run wasnt a drag at all. And since it was my sisters first time running a 7km distance with me, i'd say that we did pretty good.

The Kordel's Charity Fun Walk medal
Managed to play with their photobooth too!
Food trucks for those who are hungry
Upon reaching the finish line, runners were rewarded with a bottle of water and their medals. I think most of the participants completed the race at about the same time, and everyone started gathering at the stage area for some fun games and lucky draw activities. There were food trucks present to prepare healthy breakfast for the participants.

RM42,500.00 donated to Arthritis Foundation Malaysia
The charity walk managed to made a sufficient amount (confirmed to be a bigger amount that last year) to be donated to the Arthritis Foundation Malaysia. It was definitely a memorable day to give and help those who are in need, while encouraging donaters to also do something for themselves too by exercising. We also had Ho Swee Lin, General Manager of Cambert (M) who shared a thing or two about Osteoarthritis and emphasized that its important for everyone to be physically active to reduce the risk of this disease. It was definitely a lovely event for families to be a part of such a meaningful campaign.

 Sara xx


  1. Wow! Salute you for waking up early to be healthy. I should join some events like this too in the future.

  2. Ohh.. my twin sister and I love running but we never really run in main rode or near highway. We've always run in the jungle or somewhere quiet. Although I wouldn't mind experiencing this. I may join in the future :D who knows. ey?

  3. I am so ashamed that I would rather opt to stay in bed that to stay healthy by joining a fun activity like this. Will look out for these from now on!

  4. Nice meeting you there, Sara. A great way for us to contribute to the society too.

  5. Looks like chocolate!! Hahaha. the medal looks like chocolate.

  6. A good charity event. Good exercise for all who attended.

  7. I have never joined any walk, jog, of any sorts before. I just hate sweating in public. Haha.. But kudos to you for practicing a healthy lifestyle. :)

  8. wow....nice and fun event!!Btw I tot that you holding chocolate!!hehe