Thursday, August 25, 2016

[Vendor Experience] at Markets 19, Jaya One

Spot me!
So before i start my post, i would like to thank whoever who came to support my little booth at Markets 19 which happened on the 6th and 7th of August 2016, which was over the weekend. I was actually grateful to be given a chance to be a vendor with 5 other bloggers to be selling our pre-loved items. And it was actually great timing cause i kindda needed to do something to earn extra cash, so i told myself why not! I previously had an online store (mustachic) which im kind of guilty for leaving it dead. Its not alive now, but hopefully i'll get it back on track with the money i made over the weekend at Markets 19.

And here's my little not so little booth
Im writing this blog post right now to share with you my experience of whats it like to be a vendor at Markets Jaya One. As a start, what i love about Markets is their organization. Before getting myself into place, the team were really good at communicating with us 'vendors' and giving us clear instruction on where will our booth be located. But i guess the real challenge for me was actually the struggle of figuring out how to arrange the items that im about to sell on the table. I swear after trying to set my table right, i truly admire the vendors who really know what they're doing man. SALUTE!

Some stuff that were unsold from mustachic
At RM5 per item? Come on, there has to be something you like
And tadaa, in the photo above, you can see that i have set my table with a lot of my unused / pre-loved items that i've been keeping to expire at home. So instead of leaving it to expire, i decided to sell some of my stuff cheap! Rather than letting it go to waste, i believe that it would do more justice to those who need it more than i do. Right? RIGHT!

More credit goes to  my assistant who volunteered to help me out during Markets 19
I have to admit that the crowd on the first day was pretty hectic and Sunday was a little slow paced and chill. Since i was really trying to get rid of the items that i wanted to sell, i managed to give some customers some steal deals and discounts (despite pricing the items at a discounted price already). Haha. All in all, it was a really pleasant experience, especially when you have good company by your side *Wink. You'll meet tons of people from all sorts of backgrounds and sometimes its a little odd that some people dont find it comfortable when you say hello. (lol, ok, i'll try to be less friendly)

The variety of vendors during Markets 19
Blaqmagik Lvrs
Popcorn New York
Since i had a helper helping me take care of my store, i managed to stroll around the bazaar to see what they had to offer. You'd be surprise with the variety they had raging from bikini's, food and drinks, accessories, apparel, snacks, novelties, phone accessories, handmade soaps, and more. Thats practically almost anything you need in one bazaar. I bought myself a few stuff too since i was there (sorry, but i just couldnt resist myself), thus you wouldnt really hve to worry, cause you will definitely bring something back once youre there.

Some juniors who i bumped into at Markets 19 at Jaya one
Theres always space for selfie time with the bloggers
And of course, it was lovely to have Tara Ooi around on one of the days :)
I guess all in all, it was a great expereince to be a vendor instead of the shopper at Markets Jaya One. If you asked me if i would do it again, i would say YES! It may not be everyones cup of tea, but i love the idea of meeting new people and the idea of having a little business of my own over the weekend. I think i might get creative by coming up with something before my convocation in October. Teehee.

Dont forget to visit!
Well, if you've reached this far of the blog post, i would like to thank you for visiting this humble blog of mine, and if you happen to have any other questions, do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. And if youre looking forward for the next Markets bazaar happening soon, why not keep yourself updated by checking out their facebook page at Thanks again, do come back as i'll usually update my blog on a weekly basis for the latest insides of my self-proclaimed lifestyle.

Sara xx

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