Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Unboxing CubeCrate; July 2016 Box

Waduup waddup, its that time of the month again. And dont ask me why i started this post trying to sound cool, but what matters more would be about my unboxing for CubeCrate's July 2016 box. And just in case you havent heard about Cube Crate, its a monthly mystery subscription box where i'll usually find new discoveries and get to keep new products that are actually pretty amazing to have. So lets do this, can you guess whats in this months box? Here's a clue, inspired by food.

Look, i received a note from Cubecrate
Since its fasting month, i think its really cute that CubeCrate decided to get all the food-inspired products to be featured in CubeCrate's July 2016 box. And if youre wondering what are the featured products this month, its actually by 3 good brands with good reputations, Dirty Benefits, MiniBites accessories and Wunderbath! As usual, if youre reading my previous post on Cube Crate, here i'll be sharing some of my insights on what i think about it.


I present to you, Dirty Benefits
So first up for review is Dirty Benefits, the skincare for the wild at heart. A little introduction on Dirty Benefits, it's an All-Natual skincare brand created for the bold and adventurous. They've managed to create a journey that stands out, using only the best natural ingredients while standing firm to our beliefs of being cruelty-free. Yes, its all about dirty benefits taking you to awesome skin making it worth it.

Some information on Dirty Benefit
What the scrub looks like
Since i've always wanted to try out Dirty Benefits, finally Cube Crate has given me the chance to do so. I think i got a smaller pack than the original full size, but nevertheless, this pack would at least last me for about a month or two, which is good enough to me. It came with a Dirty Benefit spoon which i truely appreciate that they provided it together in the parcel.

Apply an adequate amount to skin 
Add water, then scrub away!
The pack comes in a ziplock bag, which i have to say that im a fan of it to ensure that the content stays fresh. And boy, the coffee smell is strong! If youre a coffee lover, i bet you would love how soothing the smell of this pack of coffee scrub can be. I applied some of the scrub to my hand, and gave it a gentle massage and YAS, i approve that it does smoothens out your skin by removing dead cells i preassume. You can also check out to see what else they have to offer

MINIBITES accessories

MiniBites accessories
A phone ring or keychain from Minibites in a form of a Nyonya Dessert
Next in my CubeCrate would be the MiniBites accessories. Dont be fooled by how it looks, cause its not what you think it is. As real as this looks, minibits offers unique food themed jewelery and accessories. Every piece of these are hand-crafted to perfection in KL using polymer clay and vast attention to detail. And boy i think its cute that they decide to gave out kuih lapis MiniBites accessories to match the festive month. I've check them out, and i cant believe that how their mini's are really cute! If you dont believe me, why not head on over to and see it for yourself


How cute is this?!
And last but not least would be Wunderbath, the natural bath revolution. Wunderbath has been no stranger to bazaar goers as they've been really active in making themselves be in the scene. They're known for their ultra realistic soaps that smells exactly like what it appears to be. But again, these soaps are just for the fun of playing tricks with your senses as they're all honestly good handmade soap thats vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, SLSfree and it guranteed to be all natural.

It even has a 'Do Not Eat' warning sign
Come on, you have to agree that this Dahlia cookie i got is super cute. As real as this piece of cookie looks, you really have to get a sniff of it while youre at it. Just sniffing on it got me craving for Dahlia cookies. It even has a 'Do Not Eat' sign at the back just to warn you to not eat it. haha. So if youre planning to get youself some Wunderbath soaps, why not head on over to and be amazed.

And thats my July Cubecrate box
And there you have it! Why would you need real food to impress you when you can have food-inspired products that would last you even longer while you pamper yourself to relaxation and peace. Ok, maybe im exaggerating a little, but i have to say this months box has to be my fav, or at least, one of my fave box this year. hehe. Visit or more information on how you could sign up into getting monthly boxes for yourself too. Thats all for now!

Signing off, Sara xx


  1. So cute!! The mini nyonya kueh is adorable and that Wunderbath soap!

  2. luckily they have the 'do not eat' label. it's really nice!

  3. I'd like to get the Nyonya kuih keychain. It's so Malaysian. Have checked out the site and there are so many I like!

  4. I love the pastel floral letter! So pretty! The minibite looks cute too!

  5. The coffee scrub would be an amazing way to I don't think I will stop smelling my hands after that. ahahahaha the mini kuih super adorable!

  6. They look like real food. Hahahha i would have eaten that if there is no sign donot eat

  7. Dirty Benefit is indeed quite nice for scrubbing