Tuesday, August 16, 2016

[REVIEW] Lavenders by Pegasus Florist

Every picture always looks better with flowers
Any girly girl at heart would love to receive flowers, and it doesn't really matter for what occasion. And i admit that im a girl whos a sucker over flowers too. Usually when i get flowers, i would really put effort into making sure the flowers are nicely placed in a vase so that they bloom longer, and i get really sad once it starts to die off :( But recently, i received something rather different than your usual bouquets. Today i'll be sharing with you about Lavender by Pegasus Florist, which they have brought dried flowers to a whole new level.

Travelled via poslaju
How its perfectly wrapped
Upon receiving the parcel, i was actually surprised to receive it via poslaju, cause yknow, usually you'll have a flower boy to send it personally to you. But i wasnt at all worried cause im sure they have thought of the packaging really well. Its nicely wrapped in bubble wrap where the boquet of dried flowers were placed in a transparent box to protect it.

Close up shot
And tadaaa! I have to admit that im amazed on how fragrant these flowers were despite being dried. Im aware that it has been naturally dried, with no artificial fragrance and the brand also claims that the Lavenders fragrance would last up to 1 year. How crazy is that?! I would say that its perfect as gifts, wedding and decorations with the benefit of purifying air, aromatherapy that repels insects at the same time. Each bouquet has 100pcs of naturally dried lavender and you may find that there is a mixture of mature and young lavender in the bunch as their growth rate are not the same.


Oh no, Lavender buds are dropping!
Fret not, you can put it in a scented bag!
If youre wondering how you can get creative with these dried lavenders, here are some ideas for you to decide on what to do once you receive these lavenders from Pegasus Florist. You can always place it in a vase and put it on your side table or place it in a scented bag. From the image above, i decided to place it in a scented bag and i'd hang it on my room door and in my cabinet, which left my room smelling like lavenders.


Look how pretty they are <3
Well, we all know how tough it is to take care of real life flowers, but dried lavenders are less complicated if you ask me. *wink* Well, first of all, to ensure that your dried lavenders last longer, you may have to make sure that its not in contact with water and mot exposed to sunlight or heat. Once you think that the fragrance faded, you can gently crush the buds of lavenders to release more fragrance. But of course, its best to avoid frequent touches and blow gently with a hairdryer when dusty. Please also note that its the nature of dried lavender to drop of flower buds, which you can place them in scented bag if you wouldnt want it to go to waste.


Even the presentation of it looks really pretty!
To place an order, i've made it convinient for you by having this direct link www.pegasusflorist.com/product/lavender-bunch/product-1598634.html to purchase these bouquet of dried levenders, or just head over to the official website at www.pegasusflorist.com for other options which may interest you.

So there you have it, Lavenders by Pegasus Florist to surprise your loved ones with something a little different. Feel free to also browse through their facebook page by heading over to https://www.facebook.com/pegasusflorist/?fref=ts or their instagram at instagram.com/pegasusflorist_my. And thats about it! Feel free to leave me a comment below, and tell me what you think about it. Signing off.

Sara xx

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