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[REVIEW] White Formula Super Moist Range

The White Formula Super Moist Review
I’ve always wanted a full skincare range that has hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient, and guess what?! I FINALLY FOUND IT and its from a brand called White Formula, a Taiwanese beauty skincare product. I was entirely hooked when I found out that their products use 3 types of patented hyaluronic acid. And if you don’t know, Hyaluronic Acid is a well-known ingredient for skin moisturizing. So on days when youre lacking of moisture, the white formula would be what you'll be looking for.

Within the White Formula Super Moist Range, contains 3 types of patent Hyaluronic Acid to Transmit Moisture, Replenish moisture and retain Moisture. And in this blog post I will be sharing with you a detailed write up on the White Formula Super Moist Facial Foam, Toner, Lotion, Gel and Essence.



Super Moist Facial Foam with Hyaluronic Acid // RM29.90
Safety seal
First up for review would be the Super Moist Facial Foam with Hyaluronic Acid. Other than containing 3 unique types of Patented Hyaluronic Acid, it claims to boost your skin hydration up to 10 times! From my first wash with this foam cleanser, it was like instant love. It cleanses while providing deep hydration, firming and long lasting moisturization. It comes in a tube of 120g and its suitable for people with normal to dry skin.

Foams up really well
Very gentle on my oily combination skin
This cleanser is to be used twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. Like any other cleanser, apply about 1cm of the cleanser to palm and lather before applying to wet face. Give it a good massage in circular motion and rinse thoroughly. After using this for about 2 weeks now, i realized that my dry patches are gone, so i approve that it moisturizes the skin really well. 


Super Moist Light Toner with Hyaluronic Acid // RM49.90
Apply a generous portion onto a cotton pad
After cleaning, it would be highly advisable to use their Toner with Hyaluronic Acid next. The toner comes in two forms, one in Rich (suitable for normal to dry skin) and the other in Light (suitable for normal to oily/combination skin) . But as for me, im using the refreshing light formula since i have oily combination skin, and did you know that it happens to be the Leading Super Moist Toner in Taiwan? Upon applying it to my skin, I find that its easily absorbed by my skin, and its non-sticky, making it suitable for even acne-prone skin. It claims deeply hydrates the skin , forming a protective layer to prevent moisture loss. Other than that, it stimulates collagen regeneration, leaving the skin feeling firm and smooth.  

Apply around face and neck
From Left: Clean cotton pad, dirt removed after using toner
To use, simply apply evenly all over the face and neck after cleaning, once early in the morning, and once after showering at night. In my case, I decided to use a cotton pad cause i think its more hygienic than using bare hands. After application, I usually like to give it a light pat to encourage better absorption.


Super Moist Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid // RM49.90
I decided to use a cotton pad to apply it on my skin
And once youre done with toning, you need to use the Super Moist Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid to make sure that your skin stays moisturized. It contains Marine collagen which has been extracted from the deep seas and it exhibits high water-binding properties, making it easily absorbed by the skin to provide hydration, replace moisture loss and enhance skin elasticity. It stimulates collagen regeneration, and I really love the fact that its not at all sticky. #win

Giving it a dab on my skin
To use, I usually would apply this evenly all over my face and neck after toner, twice a day with a cotton pad. Then I’ll give it a massage in an upwards motion to encourage firming. Im still amazed that the bottle of lotion is huge and it would definitely last me for more than 2 months. This might be my favorite lotion cause it does not leave any sticky residue after application.  


Super Moist Gel with Hyaluronic Acid // RM61.90
Using a spatula for hygienic purposes
After lotion, i applied the Super Moist Gel With Hyaluronic Acid. Other than containing 3 unique types of patented Hyaluronic Acid, it also has 2 unique patented moisturizing ingredients which are also known as Ceramide and Moist 24. It also contains naturally extracted ingredients that boosts skin defense and provides long-lasting moisturization to last you the entire day. The modern gel nowadays are pretty advance, and usually comes in a 2 in 1 feature. So guess what?! You can either use this gel in your skincare routine, or use it as a face mask and leave it on overnight.

Tip: Use it as a night mask to enhance skin elasticity and hydration

The 2 in 1 gel mask
To use, apply it evenly all over your face and neck after lotion and massage gently in an upward motion. I decided to use a spatula instead of my fingers to keep it clean. Personally, i was impressed with the texture of this gel. It felt very light on my skin, and it was well absorbed too! The gel instantly felt like water once it was in contact with my skin, so it did left my skin feeling cool after application.


Super Moist Essence with Hyaluronic Acid // RM62.90
Transparent in colour
And last but not least would be the Super Moist Essence with Hyaluronic Acid. This essence is definitely different that the usual essence that i use cause its not at all milky. This is a little special than the first 4 products cause it contains an extra type of Hyaluronic Acid which would be the Hyaveil. It claims to provide up to 10  times hydration power while stimulating collagen regeneration. Love how it feels on my skin as my skin absorbs the product really well and it doesn't leave any sticky residue. 

Apply evenly all over face and neck
To use, apply it evenly all over your face and neck after gel and massage gently in an upward motion to encourage firming results. Its super light, and the texture was almost similar to the gel, just that instead of a jar, it came in a form of a bottle. I would say that this essence gives you a boost in moisturizing if you skin is dry, but since i have oily combination skin,  i only use this once every 2 days.


My thoughts?
As a verdict, i have to say that this would be my current choice to purchase when im on a tight budget, but looking for a good skincare product. The price is really affordable and the packaging for each product is huge! I would say that if you buy the complete range, its good enough to last you for up to 3 to 4 months. This range is suitable for normal to dry skin, making it versatile for almost any skin type. Their range gurantees that there are no alcohol, no fragrance, and no collorant was used to produce these products. And i did noticed that the formula is really gentle on skin, which makes me love it even more.  

So thats all for now. To purchase, make your way to MYCARE's facebook at to order today!

Sara xx


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