Monday, August 15, 2016

[REVIEW] DR IRMA's Radiant Skincare

Reviewing DR IRMA's Radiant Skincare Range
Hello guys! I've recently been seeing shares on DR IRMA's Radiant Skincare which definitely caught my attention and if you've met me recently in person, i think you would notice that i got sunburned pretty bad. Since DR IRMA has built a pretty good reputation among beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiast, i decided to give them a go myself. So in todays blog post, I'll be sharing to you about 3 of DR IRMA's products which would be the Radiant White Cleanser, Radiant White Vitamin C Serum and the Whitening BB Serum Foundation with SPF35++.


The product packaging (Loving the gold)
Before i start my review, i would like to emphasize that i love the packaging of DR IRMA's products. All of DR IRMA's products would come nicely packed in a gold and black colored box, and seriously, who wouldnt love the combination of black and gold?! I truly appreciate the effort that they've taken to make sure their products are up to standard and its amazing to know that they're based in Malaysia. Malaysia can really BOLEH do anything if they put a lot of passion into what they believe in. Hehe.

for Brightening & Repair

Dr Irma's Radiant White Cleanser
Descriptions and Directions on box
First up for review would be the DR IRMA Radiant White Cleanser for Brightening and Repair. I love how it comes in a box, and the fact that the box has descriptions and directions on how to use the product. This cleanser is formulated with plant and fruit extracts to deeply cleanse and hydrate skin while preventing moisture loss. Its also enriched with natural, potent and fast acting antioxidants to protect skin against free radical damage while lightening pigmentation and scars, brighten skins, heals acne and stimulates cell renewal.


Transparent gel like texture
Foams up once in contact with water
Well, the cleanser comes out in a transparent gel like form and once in contact with water, it foams up easily. I have to give credit to DR IRMA for creating a cleanser to suit all skin types, so i absolutely love how gentle this cleanser feels on my skin. Yknow some cleansers can really dry your skin, but this was moisturizing after you wash the foam off. LOVE


Cleansing without a regret
To use, all you need to do it wet face and palm with water, and squeeze an appropriate amount of cleanser and work it into rich lather. Apply in a gentle circular motion on face and neck, then rinse thoroughly with water.  To be used in the morning and night for best results.


Dr Irma's Radiant White Vitamin C Serum
Descriptions and Directions on box
Once you're done cleansing your face, the next step would be to apply the DR IRMA Radiant White Vitamin C Serum. Based on the description from the packaging, it says the result is almost instant. It has high content of activated vitamin C and has been clinically proven to heal acne prone skin, lighten discoloration and boost cell turnover to reduce wrinkles. So in general, it whitens and heals, making this serum an essential skincare routine.


Comes with a dropper cap
Slightly sticky when applied, but the goes off once its fully absorbed by skin
It comes in a fancy glass like bottle, with a dropper cap which makes it super convenient for application. The texture of the serum is not at all sticky, and my skin absorbs the serum pretty well. Its super light and after getting a chance to sniff it a little, it has a pleasant citrusy scent. I'm assuming that there a tinge of orange since it contains vitamin C. hehe


Loving how easy it is to apply this serum
Apply serum after cleansing skin. Best to be used in the morning and at night for better results. I would apply about 2-3 drops to my palms and lightly pat my skin for better absorption.


Dr Irma's Whitening BB Serum Foundation SPF 35++
Descriptions and Directions on box
And last but not least is to apply the DR IRMA Whitening BB Serum Foundation with SPF 35++. This whitening bb serum is a foundation specially designed by Dr Irma, which whitens while it also repairs. This bottle of miracle whitens, hydrates, heals acne skin, oil control, reduce wrinkles, reduce pigmentations, even's out skin tone, treat and conceal scars, and also provides UV defense. It comes in only 1 shade and its suitable for all skin types. It sounds too good to be true, but i gave it shot and believe me when i say the results are pretty amazing.


Loving the fact that it comes with its own spatula
Easy application
I dont know if you can see, but i only applied the foundation on the right side
I tried swatching it on my hand, and i would say that the coverage is pretty good! Its thicker than my usual foundation, but it spreads out really well. Despite having only 1 shade, its amazing how it suits my skin pretty well once you blend it out nicely. Its also very light when applied on your skin. I admit that despite being a local brand, the foundation really impressed me to a whole new level. I wore this the entire day, and it stayed on giving me lasting coverage.


Apply an adequate amount
In my case, i like to do 4 strokes
Blend it out using a brush and walah, before and after
Since it comes with a spatula, use the spatula and spread evenly on cleansed skin as your last skincare routine. You can choose to wear it alone or with loose powder for a more natural finish. At the end of the day, i would usually remove it using makeup remover and clean face thoroughly.


My skin instantly look fairer
As a verdict, i honestly would say that DR IRMA's Radiant Skincare formula has been well thought of. From the design of the packaging to the formulation of the cleanser, serum and foundation to suit all skin types. You definitely have to give DR IRMA credit for that possible. After about 2 weeks of using this skincare range in my skin regime, i have been getting compliments that my skin got lighter (no joke). Not that i notice since i look at myself in the mirror everyday, but for people to notice that i have somewhat became shades lighter is an accomplishment, and need i remind you that i've been only using this for 2 weeks. CRAY!

Since it was KLFW, here's my look created with DR IRMA's Whitening BB Serum Foundation + make up
So there you have it! If i had to choose a favorite from the range, i would say that the DR IRMA Whitening BB Serum Foundation with SPF 35++ is my fav! It really makes my skin glow effortlessly, and its so easy to spread it out on my face. I dont even need to use primer nor concealer to perfect my make up. LAV. Im not sure what they did, but they did good. Head over to their facebook page at or check her Instagram page at Thanks for reading my humble blogpost, til my next post!

Sara xx


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