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[TRAVEL] Things About Kuala Lumpur #AboutKL

Kuala Lumpur has always been a favorite destination for travelers to discover culture, heritage, food, landmarks, history and more! KL is well known worldwide and has been ranked number 9 on the list of the world's 100 leading cities for international tourist arrivals. If you're looking interesting things to do while you're in KL, you have come to the right place. Cause I’ll be taking about #KLEntertainment #KLFood, #KLTour, #KLHeritage #KLStay #KLHangout #KLNature, #KLFun, and #KLPlay.

Just because there are so many things to share with you about KL, I’ve broken down the categories to 4 categories which focuses on KL Activities, KL Food, KL Stay and KL Transport, just to make it convenient to plan your visit to Kuala Lumpur. So sit back, relax and scroll away and find out hidden gems and visits to guarantee that you enjoy your stay in Kuala Lumpur.

#About KL (Things to do in Kuala Lumpur)

1 | #KLBroadway | MUDKL

The iconic panggung bandaraya
To those who admire old buildings , the iconic panggung bandaraya building was built in the twentieth century, originally was the first official administration office for Kuala Lumpur Sanitary Board. Designed by A.B. Hubback in 1901,Panggung Bandaraya is gazetted as a heritage building under the Malaysian Antiquities Act in 2007.  

MUDKL the show
This 112 year old historic theater located right opposite of Dataran Merdeka, has two shows daily, 3pm and 8.30pm, provided with a 60 minute show duration with no intermissions act which elaborates the story of Kuala Lumpur which began from 1857. If you ask me, this has to be a must watch if you want to know more about the multi-ethnicity and the diverse history of Kuala Lumpur.

2 | #KLHeritage | KL City Gallery

Discover the City of Kuala Lumpur at the KL City Gallery 
Go back in time to learn about the past
Located right behind Merdeka Square ( Independence Square) is the KL City Gallery where the Iconic ‘I Love KL’ backdrop is. The KL City Gallery is a great pit stop for those who seek for places to visit as it’s a tourist information centre providing travel services. There is also a learn about Old Kuala Lumpur section where you’ll get a chance to a miniature view of Dataran Merdeka & Chinatown. The highlight of the gallery would be the spectacular city model show, being the largest and first of such a kind in Malaysia.

Durian flavored cakes at the ARCH Café
Handmade souvenirs done by Arch
While youre there, you can also visit the Arch gallery, where you get to see the making of Arch’s official souvenirs and bring back a part of Kuala Lumpur at the ARCH Kuala Lumpur Gift Shop. Not to forget that you can savour the finest traditional Malaysian delicacies at the ARCH Café, serving all home made recipes served in a historical landmark. Psst, if youre feeling adventurous, why not try their Durian Pancake richly made with pure durian?

3 | #KLNature | Canopy Walk at KL Forest Ecopark Bukit Nenas

Canopy walk at KL Forest Ecopark Bukit Nenas
For those who seek for Nature, you can always take a short hike up to the Canopy Walk at KL Forest Ecopark in Bukit Nenas. Admission is free, so you can enjoy the reserved forest in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Not to forget that you can also take amazing photos while youre on the Canopy Walk too.

4 | #KLFun | KL Tower Mini Zoo

Feed little critters
Get up close with the birds
Or even with an Alpaca!
Tourist from any age or part of the world would enjoy a visit to the KL Tower Mini Zoo! The mini zoo features a feel and touch experience where you can get up close with the animals in person. I’ve personally have been there a few times, and I honestly love the pet village where the staffs would usually give you a chance to get up close by feeding the animals. Animal lovers, for an intimate experience with animals, this is the place to be!

5 | #KLFun | KL Upsidedown House

Take a visit to KL's Upsidedown House
Its literally upsidedown
Play camera tricks and show it off to your friends at home
The KL Upsidedown House is a new attraction just launched in early 2016, where it happens to be the tallest 2 story upsidedown house that follows a realistic design of an actual house. Fool your family and friends with photos that are too good to be true at the KL Upsidedown House as you play camera tricks turning the world upsidedown.

6 | #KLPLay | Laser Battle

Laser Battle in Times Square
The layout of the battle ground

For those who seek for thrilling adventures, why not battle your way to the Laser Battle for an ultimate challenging experience? There are about 40 different gameplays you can choose from at the Laser Battle which depends on how challenging you want the game to be. And honestly speaking, this would really keep your heart pumping with excitement as you try to avoid being shot while  trying your best to shoot your opponent. Play it in total black out mode, and I guarantee that you’ll be sweating  as soon as you walk out of the game.

#KLFood (Where to eat in Kuala Lumpur)

1 | #KLFood | Coleseum Café

Coliseum Café
Established in 1921, Coliseum Café and Grill Room is one of the oldest in the country and its also a good preservation of the early 1920’s. Everything in this Café features old furniture’s and decorative memorabilia from the early 1920’s, which creates a nostalgic feeling of a step back in time. It has a good reputation of being the favourite restaurant among Malaysians and tourist from all around the world.

Their Classic Hainanese Chicken Chop
The 1920's interior
Popular for their sizzling steaks and interior, if you crave for western with a slight Asian twist to it. Why not visit the Coleseum Café and maybe snap some photos while youre there? There is an on-going promotion where they serve a Lunch /Dinner Show Package which includes the chefs entrée of the day, main course and dessert of the day and a free drink of your choice. At only RM100, you’ll get to have a feast in an historic building then enjoy a cultural theater show at the MUDKL after your meal. That’s actually a steal deal!

2 | #KLDinner | Gourmet Safari KL

Dine in the dark if you dare
Only serving the best steaks in town
Nitrogen liquid with fruits
In a city with tons of eateries to choose from, why choose only one when you can visit 6 of Kuala Lumpur’s Best Eateries in 1 Night? The idea behind this Gourmet Safari is to enjoy gourmet food and precious wine, whiskies and cocktails at all six establishments which features, El Cerdo, Dining in the Dark, Opium KL The Steakhouse, The Whisky Bar and Black Forest. Take it as a tour with a fantastic multi course, progressive dinner with wine pairing where each delicious course is provided by one of the different themed restaurants.

For more information: http://gourmetsafarikl.com

3 | #KLHangOut | Forbidden City

Live Jazz at the Forbidden City
The Forbidden City has to be one of the best Jazz Clubs in Kuala Lumpur featuring some South East Asias best musicians. After dining and walking around  the streets of Changkat Bukit Bintang, locals and tourist would usually stop by the Forbidden City from 9.30pm onwards to enjoy good music. The best way to end your night in Kuala Lumpur. If you feel that the night is too young, drop by the Forbidden City as they entertain you throughout the night.

4 | #KLHangOut |  Nagoba, Changkat.

Nagaba Rooftop Bar
The Rooftop area
Cocktails anyone?
One of the chillest place to be in Changkat
Nagoba has to be the secret hideout located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Imagine a rooftop bar with a sky view, away from the mainstream streets of the busy night in Changkat. This has to be the best place to sit back, relax and enjoy the night.

#KLStay (Where to stay in Kuala Lumpur)

1 | Oasia Suites Kuala Lumpur

The Two Bedroom Premier Suite
Modern classy interior
The bedroom
Oasia Suites Gym
The Poolside at Oasia Suites
Oasia Suites Kuala Lumpur has to be the ideal location redefining and setting new standards to city hospitality. It’s a service residence style hotel that inspires and empowers guests to the Journey Well when travelling through three wellness pillars – Refresh, Refuel and Recharge. Its located in the Kuala Lumpur Golden triangle with the Kuala Lumpur City Centre within walking distance for easy access to the city’s key business infrastructure.

One Bedroom Premier Suite Living room
Standard kitchen equipment in all rooms
What I admire more is that, Oasia Suites guestrooms come with a fully equipped kitchenette, living rea and wifi-connectivity making it ideal for both transit and long stays. For more information, visit  www.stayfareast.com.

2 | Swiss Garden Residence KL

Swiss Garden Residence // Living Room
Swiss Garden Residence // Bathroom
Swiss Garden Residence // Bed Room
Swiss Garden Residence //Kitchen

Swiss Garden Residence // Infinity Pool
Swiss Garden Residence // Gym
Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence KL is an architectural masterpiece that defines the skyline in the cosmopolitan district. The residences encapsulate an extraordinary lifestyle complemented with refined hotel services and facilities which include an infinity pool, Jacuzzi, squash court, a bistro/café, childrens playground, gymnasium, sauna, wi-fi and complimentary shuttle services.

#KLTour ( Traveling around Kuala Lumpur)

1 | KL Hop On Hop Off

Take a ride on the Hop On Hop Off Bus
Passengers all ready to enjoy the sceneries of Kuala Lumpur
And to your convenience, take the KL Hop On Hop Off that stops at over 40 attractions on the original double decker KL. Purchase a ticket, and you are entitled to use it for 24 hours from the time and date stated on the ticket. Along with the tour, you’ll also be guided through the history of Kuala Lumpur and places to go. Great for a first timer preview of Kuala Lumpur.

Even though there are tons of things that you should know about Kuala Lumpur, these are only the important few things that you need to know. If you have any questions in regards of Kuala Lumpur, do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and i'll be glad to be to your assistance. Thanks for dropping by, and do keep yourself updated with more of my travel postings xx


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