Monday, May 29, 2017

[REVIEW] Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage

Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage
In our modern busy lifestyle, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I barely have time to practice good nutrition and to head to the gym to exercise, and that's why when I do have the time, I go all out. Each day passes by, with not a minute to spare, life has become a fast-paced world to keep up with as we try to survive in this world. Thus, after discovering about Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage, I would have to say that it helped me in so many ways when it comes to maintaining my body weight and by also providing me the daily nutrients that I need daily.

Cystal White Beverage suits my weekly routine really well too!
Benefits of consuming Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage
Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage is a nutritious health drink that claims to be an all in one drink that provides skin whitening, eyesight protection and also acts as a weight loss replacement meal. The brand is formulated in Dubai, and the highlight of this health drink would be that its because it's made out of 100% natural ingredients that contain high Omega 3 and also Prebiotics FOS which helps promote good intestinal digestion for effective absorption of nutrients in every glass. I have days when I feel constipated, and I must say that the Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage did the trick!

Air tight tin casing
The health drink has been awarded with the SuperHealth Brand Asia Success Awards for being the best brown rice products in the health food sector. And on top of that, they have met national food safety and quality standards with certifications from HACCP, ISO, and MESTI leaving you without any worries. To fellow Malaysians, it has also been Halal certified and can be consumed by vegetarians too. What more can you really ask for? hehe

Loving how it gives me energy while providing me the nutrients i need
Some benefits of consuming Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage would be that it helps in skin whitening, eye protection, weight loss, contains antioxidants, give you strong bones,  boost energy & metabolism, muscle building and helps replenish nutrients in the body. Other than that, it also slows sugar absorption in your body which helps treat diabetes and prevents breast and cervical cancer.


Some nutrition facts
In case you're wondering about the contents, this beverage has been specially formulated to be nutritious as it contains 13 nutritional ingredients featuring barley, flaxseed, black wild rice, millet, quinoa, mountain red rice, sorghum, buckwheat, oat groats, brown rice, soy powder, chia seeds and natural source of lutein from fruits and vegetables making it the perfect high fibre meal replacer.


1 scoop for each cup prepared
And tadaa, youre good to go!
With just 3 simple steps, you are able to achieve so many benefits just by consuming the Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage. All you need to do is to add 1 scoop (equivalent to 2 spoons) of Crystal White Beverage into your cup, then pour about 100ml of room temperature water and stir well. Then add another 150ml of hot/cold water and wallah! Its ready to be served. I personally have to say that I prefer it cold cause I'm more fond of cold drinks. Teehee.

*For best results, consume daily before breakfast and before bed. 


Tasted like Barley + Soya
Loving how my muscles feel stronger with Crystal White Beverage
As a verdict, I would have to say that this has to be one of the bearable nutritious drink that I've had in my life. I'm a little bothered with its thick texture, but thankfully when it's cold, it just tastes like a malted version of barley with a hint of soy. So I would have to say that it doesn't taste that bad despite it being a nutritious beverage. For about two weeks, I've been consuming the Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage, and to my surprise, it reduced my appetite a lot while providing me the energy I need when I'm working out outdoors in the evening. I'm keeping my hopes up that this would help me by providing me clearer eyesight since I'm always looking at my laptop screen every day and night. And good news, its also suitable for all ages, making it something friendly for the whole family. So there you have it! For more information on Mont Dios's Beuty Secret Crystal White Beverage, head on over to


  1. one of my must have drinks these days... I can't believe how nutritious it is with the reasonably great taste

  2. Wow i tried this and love the results too.

  3. Ohh i want to try too! Do they ship overseas?

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