Saturday, May 6, 2017

HARTAR || Rewards for tourist

Being in the scene of the Tourism industry, I'm proud to share with you that the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) and Whynet Sdn Bhd has launched a new mobile application platform called HARTAR that serves as a digital platform to promote tourism industry in Malaysia. To keep things short and simple, basically, this is 'the' platform for tourist to enjoy their stay in Malaysia.

The HARTAR word is derived from the combination of Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia's national language) 'HARTA' meaning treasure and the additional R representing the word reward. This app is one of the initiatives by the government and NGOs to attract more tourist to come and visit Malaysia to achieve the target in tourist arrivals and at the same time, assisting tourist to have a better guideline on what Malaysia has to offer.

With Malaysia being confident of reaching its target of three million inbound Chinese tourists this year. With the HARTAR app, the mobile application will serve as a One-Stop Tourism Centre where tourist can browse for all kinds of tourism related information, Tour Packages, Hotels, Public Transportation, Tour Guide Searching, Tourist Services, Ticketing, Medical Tourism, Eco-Parks, Art Galleries and more!

The mobile application can be downloaded for free and is currently available for iOS and Android devices via Apple Store and Play store. I've even took the time to test out the mobile app myself and I'm actually looking forward to having tourist playing around with the app during their travel adventures in Malaysia. So if you have friends or family members coming over to Malaysia, be sure to suggest them to try this app today!

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