Monday, May 22, 2017

[REVIEW] Xierra's Thermal Pants Latest Innovation

Reviewing the Xierra's Thermal Pants
Being a busy person myself, I admit that it can be hectic to struggle work and exercising as time isn't always on my side. But thanks to Xierra's Thermal pants, I can sweat away in a shorter time frame. YAS! And this time around, Xierra is proud to announce its latest innovation which comes in a chic design. You might have noticed that i wrote about Xierra before, but trust me, things just literally got better! 

Two different materials combined
The sporty definition of the best of both worlds
The latest design features full coverage with additional new features and it has definitely got me hooked. If you have yet to check it out, let me spill the beans for ya. The latest design features a special mix of materials where it's more focused on burning your fat around your upper thights while the bottom part has been designed to be super comfortable and flexible to move in. Got myself to test it out in the gym, and i have to admit that its really comfy to work out in this too. 

Easy streching without discomfort
And these pants dont stop me from kicking higher.
To keep it short, the first time I wore it, I felt as if I was wearing shorts that were not too exposed. (Amen to that!) And since I wanted to burn some fat around my thighs, this had to be the perfect solution to include into my weekly workouts. Hehe. Just a heads up, I'll just highlight that my upper thighs felt super heaty within the first 20 minutes, but at the same time, my lower thighs were nicely wrapped in a dry-fit kind of material. LAV IT! 

Cant go a week without your squats
Abs control

Squats with weights, no problem!
Good News as I'm proud to announce that Xierra has finally launched their latest thermal heat pants which again I find it super trendy and unique in its own way. Other than burning extra calories, the design is indeed one of its kind as I've never seen any sports attire like this before. So to those who are a little shy about exposing your skin, well I hope this would be something that excites you.

Woops, just showing off some butt details.

Passed out for working out too hard
And there you have it! Be sure to visit their FB page at  and check them out to know more details on the brand. I have to say as a conclusion, Xierra Thermal Pants are highly recommended for fitness geeks and for those who wants to burn more calories in a shorter time. So what are you waiting for? *wink

Sara xx


  1. Wow aliza rajinnya work out. I selalu hangat2 tahi ayam sahaja 😂😂

  2. Watchaaaa! sound interesting la that pants babe..

  3. best gila kan pakai Xierra ni. I pergi Viper pn pakai Xierra hahahaha