Friday, May 26, 2017

F&N Introduces the Gold Standard | Ft. Hang Tarik

I practically grew up with F&N drinks. Other than its quality being well controlled, to me its a reliable brand to trust. This year, F&N continued its heritage in helping Malaysians enjoy treasured taste moments by introducing the "Gold Standard" and Teh Tarik master, "Hang Tarik" at Mydin USJ earlier this month.

Here is Hang Tarik Showing off some of his skills

Even the King of Teh Tarik 2001 & 2005, Raja Elias had a chance to show off some of his moves

If you ask me, i believe that F&N has played a really important role in terms of perfecting the art of Teh Tarik making. Dont you think so to? F&N has preserved the heritage of the original Teh Tarik whilst strengthening the taste across generations and ethnic groups. With Hang Tarik being a part of the campaign, F&N is more than happy to share the best ways of making a perfect Teh Tarik Ori. 

We also discovered some hidden talents during the event

A participant struggling to get to the end of the finish line without spilling any Teh Tarik

During the occassion, shoppers at Mydin had the chance to learn to make the perfet Teh Tarik Ori through a series of stimulated game obstacles to be completed within a set time frame. I personally find that by organising experiential events such as this where everyone can "try" to learn the art of making Teh Tarik. Psst, i was told that the secret behind a perfect cup of Teh Tarik is just by combining F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk.  Now you know! 

At the launch, F&N also unveiled its new F&N Raya Dengan Hang Tarik Video which featured Hand Tarik F&N coming to the rescue of a frazzled family preparing to welcome their guest during the festive season by sharing the secret to making a good cup of Teh Tarik Ori. The other key highlight of the event was that Hang Tarik F&N and the F&N Teh Tarik Experts came together to bedazzles the crowd with the authenticity and heritage of our rich Malaysian culture. #proudtobemalaysian

And with this event, the Hang Tarik Video is launched

Its no doubt that F&N has now achieved to be a familiar and essential part of Malaysians lifestyle and tastes. Being the preferred dairy mix to a perfect brewed cup of Teh Tarik Ori, F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk is everyone's trusted favorite without a doubt. I swear just taking about it makes me crave for Teh Tarik, so imma go whip some Teh Tarik for myself right after posting this. When are you planning to make a cup of Teh Tarik for yourself? For more info, be sure to visit xx 

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