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[REVIEW] Jorayc | Hair Care Expert

Reviewing the Jorayc Hair Care Expert
If you've been keeping updated with my recent blogging adventures, you would know that I've dyed my hair to dark blue about a month ago. Or if you haven't read about my hair colour experience at Hair Attitude Group in Pandan Indah, you can always read about it here. So to compliment my hair colouring experience, I have two products to share with you which was introduced to me by the Salon! If you're by any chance looking for hair care products that would improve your hair condition, then scroll away as I'll do a review on the Jorayc Sensitive Scalp Rescue & Nutritional Tonic and the Jorayc Aqua Active Leave In.

Jorayc Hair Care Expert | Sensitive Scalp Rescue & Nutritional Tonic

The Jorayc Senstive Scalp Rescue & Nutritional Tonic
First up for review would be the Jorayc sensitive Scalp Rescue & Nutritional Tonic. I'm surprised that this happens to be an in-house product by Hair Attitude Group and I'm proud to say that the materials are from Spain, but this tonic is manufactured in Malaysia. YAY~ I was told that this was suitable to be used on my scalp cause im facing minor hair loss thus getting the staff to recommend me this product as a hair loss solution.

Some descriptions and list of ingredients
The packaging says that it helps increase blood circulation in scalp while helping the scalp to rebuild for sensitive scalp and hair loss control. Containing Panax Ginseng Root, it activates internal hair repair, rebuilds damaged hair structure, allows hair follicles to grow strong healthy hair while providing essential nutrients to the roots. It also claims that it nourishes the scalp cells which effectively reduces excessive hair loss.

Spray at scalp after lightly drying your hair
To us, this tonic, all you need to do is bring the nozzle to the scalp from about 1cm away then spray on several spots (preferably 5 sections of the scalp) and message thoroughly. This has to be applied only after you lightly dry your hair after your shower. Upon application, I noticed my scalp experienced a cooling feel which got me to find out that the tonic contains menthol extract. I find the cooling sensation refreshing after a nice shower. I usually hate washing my hair, but applying this to my scalp has to be my favourite time of the day as I find the Tonic somehow relaxing. hehe.

Jorayc basic | Aqua Active Leave In

Jorayc Basic, Aqua Active Leave on
Some descriptions and list of ingredients
Next would be something from Jorayc basic which is the Aqua Active Leave in Spray. This cute bottle is designed to instantly provide intense moisture to your hair. The formula is super friendly for any type of hair  (extra plus points) to provide a healthier way to care for your hair and it's highly recommended if you have dry damaged hair. In my case, when colouring my hair, I think it's pretty normal that your hair ends gets a little dry. So giving a little extra attention to your hair would really give you a good hair day. #proven

The bottle even comes with a lock mechnism
Spray at hair ends
To use this leave in aqua conditioner, all you need to do is to unlock the bottle by turning the seal towards the open-label, then apply this as a blow-drying spray or alternatively you can use this on damp hair and spray sections by section from lengths to ends. This would help detangle the ends and at the same time protects against future damages. I was expecting it to be a little sticky or at the very least oily, but to my surprise, it wasn't at all sticky nor oily. It also leaves a very refreshing scent on your hair too. SWEET!


And here's what i have to say as a verdict
As a verdict after about almost a month of using these products, I have to say that both of the products compliment each other really well but I'm personally more fond to the Jorayc Hair Care Expert for Sensitive Scalp Rescue & Nutritional Tonic as it leaves my head feeling really refreshed and I noticed that my hair fall issue has been reduced. (I guess this works and I am living proof that it keeps your hair intact). Hehe. The Jorayc Basic on the other hand really prevents my hair from looking dry each time I blow-dry my hair! But since i dont blow-dry my hair on a daily basis, i use it less often compared to the tonic. What's there really not to love about these products?

Certified and its Manufactured in Malaysia. 
If you're wondering where to get Jorayc products, I was told that it can be found in almost any salon. I got this at a Salon I stumbled by for an urgent hair-do and decided to give this ago. I don't usually like to talk about products that don't give results, but both the products I tested were amazing. It does what its suppose to do, and that pretty much all I would ask for. Hehe. Thank you so much for reading my short review on the Jorayc Hair Care's and basic, feel free to ask me any questions by leaving a comment below, and I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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